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I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything Matt Fraction can’t do. 

This feels just like a teen superhero book should feel.  Kate Bishop is impulsive, and stubborn, and romantically indecisive, and incredibly conflicted about her mentor figures.  She even refers to two different people, in the course of the issue, as “my best friend.”  She’s just the way I’d imagine a sixteen-year-old self-made superhero would be.  (Are she and Clint Barton the only non-powered costumed heroes active in the Marvel U right now?  I think they might be.  Even Bucky has a robot arm). 

Speaking of Clint Barton, Fraction does a great job with Ronin too.  And, while the implication that Clint won’t be taking up the Hawkeye mantle again any time soon is sad,  the inter-generational relationship between the two of them is nice.  Legacy has never been as big of a deal in Marvel as it is in DC, but this is a really nice legacy story. It also shows off the knack for team dynamics that Fraction has been polishing, at least since ‘The Order.’

The art by Alan Davis, beautifully colored by Paul Mounts, is icing on the cake.  A great comic for anyone who already knows these characters, and an easy jumping-on point for anyone who wants to know more about them.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I’m glad this turned out well.  I’m waiting for Marvel to collect this one.  I read the first three issues and really enjoyed them, and this will be a great companion to my YA hardcovers on my shelf.

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