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With the aid of new allies, David Kim and his companions prepare to infiltrate the Ninth Stronghold and attempt to wrest its control from Roland Finch. But Finch has other ideas, and he’ll be more than prepared when they arrive!

Written by JOHN ROZUM
Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

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  1. Sad to see that this will not be continuied. But I’m glad Rozum will be writing something in the new 52.

  2. How crazier can this series get?

  3. In my right mind I woudn’t expect this to get any crazier. However in Rozum’s mind anything can happen I suppose. He did some great groundwork last issue, setting up this beautiful world in which so much could happen in the next like 50 issues or so, but we all know that will not be the case. Although I’m still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that it will see a new light some day again in the near future, with the same team.

  4. Can’t they shift this over to Vertigo and keep it going?  Please??

  5. Let’s hope Irving is actually drawing Xombi vol. 2 #1 as we speak and that it’ll be released in January ’12. The sales on Xombi have been disappointing, but maybe the only reason it isn’t in the September solicits is because they’re waiting for Irving to get ahead on art again. Until I see Irving’s name solicited on another project, I’m holding out hope that this great series is going to continue sometime soon…

  6. @froggulper  
    I think Irving is drawing a few issues of Robinson’s new Shade series.

  7. Alas poor Xombi, we knew you well…

    It was pretty much confirmed at the Con that there are no plans to continue.

  8. @mrfrost  – that is gonna rule! The shade series will be off da chain!

  9. This has been a lot of fun, sad to see it go… 

  10. Of course there are floating fortresses in the sky. And they are made from the giants in biblical times. And people have eyeballs for heads. More Xombi goodness!


  11. I absolutely loved the Skeleton of the Giant. Awesome origin for a community.

  12. DC has it’s head up it’s arse.  This is the best new series they’ve had since Knight and Squire. 

  13. @skydog  – I love this series, but how if people were buying it, it would still be going on. Fraser Irving is so amazing. What an original?

  14. The last two issues of this book have been amazing.  Sad that this sort of originality can’t survive in comics.

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