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  1. Doesn’t look too promising, though I’ll hold off all judgements until I read this and New Mutants. The only thing I’m gonna say is that I really dislike Clayton Crain’s art, and I know thats gonna be a big negative thing for me while reading this.

  2. Wow

    Either this is bad timing or Marvel is really ripping off from DC.

  3. God I’m a sucker.

  4. I’m always up for an x-crossover, hopefully this one is better than Messiah War

  5. @TNC: Not sure when the X-office first came up with this idea, but they’re well aware that by now it seems like a total rip-off. At a convention this past summer they had a Necrosha panel, and one of the X-editors opened things up by saying "Welcome to the Blackest Night panel!"

    I’m with the others in that Clayton’s art usually does nothing for me. But I’ll try this because I’ve been wanting to get into other non-Uncanny X-titles lately. I’ve tried a few issues of X-Force but found it hit and miss for my tastes. I’ve always liked Selene, though. So hopefully this first part will be entertaining. Doubt I’ll buy all the chapters of it, though…

  6. I can’t believe DC and Marvel are ripping off Romero. Fuckers!

  7. I think coming up with lots of truly original ideas when it comes to comics (and scifi/fantasy in general) is a lost cause; there’s just too much content being put out.  Its all been done before in some fashion, what matters is how you do it.  To say Marvel is ripping off DC for superheroes coming back as zombies is a little goofy…

    On a sidenote, I’ve been re-reading Powers. (SPOILER)  It was interesting to find IRREDEEMABLE was a major story arc, totally forgot about that

  8. I was just joking with that last comment. Obviously this is just poor timing on Marvel’s part. Still, you better believe we’re gonna hear nothing but Blackest Night comparisons for this entire event.

  9. @TNC – Agreed.  There’s a large part of the comic community that loves to nitpick, especially at one of the big 2

  10. One of the number one threats of the X-Teams is back Hellfire Club Member and Queen Selene Gallio is back to menace the X-Men, X-Force, and X-Factor once again awesome really really awesome I get a chance to know what happened to one of the oldest enemies of the X-Men.

  11. I really had fun reading this!

  12. I’m pretty fucking pissed about this whole premise.  It’s way too close in theme to Blackest Night.  It’s cool to see old characters resurrected, but it just seems a little cheap on Marvel’s part to actually think this would fly.  It’s kind of bull shit if you ask me.

  13. @vadamowens – this has been in motion for a very long time – threads of it are in Kyle and Yost’s New X-Men run, and it was directly set up way back in X-Force #11 which was about a year ago.  And are you saying that Blackest Night is an original idea?

  14. I’m aware of all of that and no, not at all.  Just saying the timing is bad.

  15. dammit everyone beat me to that joke but I’mma say it anyways because jokes are like farts, no one likes them but it’s hard to hold in.

    They should have just titled this. "BLACKEST NIGHT: X-MEN!". Sure there’d be a lawsuit, but it’d be ballsy. =)

    @Vandamowens: as someone had once said not too long ago, the two companies will compete anyway they know how, even if it means putting out more zombies.

  16. as I’ve seen.  I mean, whatever.  It’s not like I’m going to stop collecting x-titles because of it, and it’s not like it’s not been done before.  I’m just bitching because I expect more, especially from a flagship franchise like x-men.  Oh well.

  17. @mangaman – this isn’t a case of Marvel saying "Look at the Blackest Night sales, we have to do a zombie story!".  This has been set in motion for a very long time, and this story would’ve been told whether there was a Blackest Night or not.  Its just coincidence

  18. This really isn’t a case of Marvel trying to rip off DC. The plot for Necrosha began back when Kyle and Yost were writing ‘New X-Men’. That was when Wither became allied to Selene. We’re talking almost 3 years ago, now. When Kyle and Yost moved off New X-Men and onto X-Force they took the plot with them. But it really was seeded THAT long ago.

    Incredibly crappy timing, but because of the delays of Messiah Complex and the like this plot has only now reached its point of entry. 

    But to call it a straightforward rip-off really isn’t fair. Blackest Night itself was inspired from an Alan Moore short tale. But you can feel pretty damned sure that when Geoff Johns was scheming up how to pull off Blackest Night and Kyle and Yost were scheming up Necrosha, they were all doing so unaare of each others plans.

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