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  1. Loving Necrosha so far

  2. yay two X-Anthologies this week!

  3. Tempted to pick this book up because of the cover alone.

  4. I do so love Clayton Crain’s art, it is so choice! Only a cover for this unfortunately, but the story of how Selene not only resurrected Blink, but turned her into a heartless killing machine is one I can get behind.

  5. I’ll buy this purely on the strength of the story Kyle and Yost are telling. Seriously, how are they NOT running Uncanny. This has twenty times the stry Uncanny has had in the past year!

    Am intrigued by Mortis. Her character is listed as ‘Lois London’ in an earlier issue. Ring any bells to anybody?

  6. Hernandez’s art blew me away! Wow!

  7. @theswordisdrawn – couldn’t agree more.  they put together great plots, have a passion for x-continuity, and nail every character they write.

  8. Gotta agree with theswordisdrawn and cutty. I love fraction on Iron Man but his Uncanny is rubbish. I would definately but a Kyle and/or Yost Uncanny.

  9. You can put my vote in the "Kyle & Yost doing Uncanny X-men" bucket, too. Although it would make Uncanny darker. Their run on New X-men through X-force is some fairly dark X-stuff. Bodies and lots of them.

  10. There’s a lot to like about the artists in this book.  I could see every one of them working on a regular X-title at some point.

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