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The events of Schism #1 have launched the world into turmoil, and the all-new Hellfire Club is ready to take advantage of the chaos. But when the survival of the mutant race is on the line, just how far will the X-Men go?

Once a line is crossed, there’s no going back. The event that promises to tear the X-Men apart at their very core continues!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art & Cover by Daniel Acuna

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  1. Hmm… is this knocking other people’s socks off? Was I, maybe, expecting too much? Or should I just give it a bit more time to really draw me in? For some reason it’s hard for me to get invested in the political machinations of a nation of X-Men. I must say, I miss the days when the X-Men were just a team. Perhaps that’s coming back soon?

    • my socks are still on as well. and as far a waiting to be drawn in, its hard to tell. i’ve taken that very approach to fear itself and look where it got us? still wondering if we should give it just a bit more time. i was of the impression that this was going to be like civil war, with wolverine facing off against scott (i have secretly wanted cyclops to be killed off for a long time, he is just so damn boring) and all the other remaining mutants picking sides based off their political ideals. i, for one, will stick it out. i believe this party is about to pick up the pace with this issue

    • Such is my hope as well. I’m sticking with it!

  2. I’m loving this. It’s simple, no crazy crossovers you have to get like Second Coming. I’ve been loving this and hope this hooks me back into the X-verse.

  3. I’ve only read X books in trades up until this point–old stuff, I’m a DC’er–and while this hasn’t taken my breath away or anything yet, it’s definitely got me interested. I think the artwork in the first two books has been top notch as well, so that’s a big selling factor.

  4. I want to see if Aaron can bring Iceman to new heights.

  5. First two issues were really good. Can’t wait to see what Acuna does. He’s one of my fav artists.

  6. Don’t like Aaron’s characterization of Wolverine in this, and the Sentinels being all defective in this is lame I think. I like this Children of the Corn version of the Hellfire Club, but don’t think they’d hold a candle to Hellfire Club’s of the past, with the likes of Sebastian Shaw, Selene, and Mastermind. There was something hypocritical to me about Scott’s decision to lie to Commander Rogers and hide this Quire guy, this after he attends an international arms conference in an attempt to reach out to the global community, but it was also weird to see Wolvie hiding the guy after he objected to Scott’s decision. He’s been an Avenger, he’s worked with Steve, thought Wolvie would’ve had some respect for Steve Rogers at least and turned him in himself.

  7. really looking forward to this

  8. After years of ignoring Ron on the podcast, I finally took the plunge and got the first 2 issues last week. They were really well done (with the exception of Cho’s Cyclops) and I look forward to getting the rest of this mini-series.

  9. Great stuff!

  10. I really enjoyed this issue which is surprising considering I rarely ever like the artist. Jason Aaron has earned my trust I trust him writing just about anything now. Cant wait to see where this goes…

  11. Does anyone else think these kids are really lame??? Hoping the last two issues delliver because this has been pretty typical x-men rhetoric so far.

    Also, Acuna has been solid lately between this and Wolverine.

  12. I understand that characters win and lose fights to make the plot work and I’m fine with that, but this is just ridiculous. I couldn’t take this issue seriously when an All-Star team of X-Men loses to 4 kids with no powers.

    • My main problem was that it wasn’t presented as the kids being badass, but rather the X-Men being morons!

      Magneto just stands there when a villain points a gun at him because he assumes that it’ll shoot metal bullets. Because no one has every figured out how to neutralize a magnet before.

      Emma takes the time to give a long-winded telepathic explanation to Scott in the MIDDLE OF A FIGHT, even trying to SIGN OFF WITH HER NAME at the end! WHO ELSE WAS IT GONNA BE?!

      The art was great, and I enjoyed the Idie stuff they’d been building up to, but this… this is not the sauce.

    • Casey makes some excellent (and humorous) points. But I gotta say none of that bothered me while reading the issue. Aaron can really pull me in. No matter how “ridiculous” the scenario. And that doesn’t happen with many writers. I also really dug Acuna on this one. Some brilliant coloring happening here. To think I seriously disliked his work on GL years ago. Silly past self.

    • There were some laughable points in this.

  13. I dont know personally i hadnt given the whole bad guys being kids and it possibly being lame and or stupid much thought while reading this. I just enjoyed it and took it for what it is

  14. Has this book always been this hokey? Well, the Hellfire-minis took some getting used to, but I started laughing after Magneto threw that car through the window, and thought Wolvie running down the street on top of cars was hilarious.

  15. i’m pretty indifferent on this series so far. The League of Evil Kids or whatever is a cute idea but ‘m not sure if i like it…i kinda think its trying too hard.

  16. I’m liking it, it is building nicely. I understand the worry that they may have to rush the finish with the number of issues left as this still feels a bit like the first act but so far i am liking the pacing. I like the switch in stance of Scott and Logan. Fingers crossed.

  17. I’m not getting the cynicism on this one. This is the least bogged down event of the year. The murderous hellfire kids are a fun idea and will likely pave the way for some serious ethical questions. The characters of Cyclops and Wolverine are very well defined and the idea of a hopeful Logan who doesn’t want mutant kids to do the terrible things he has had to do is really clicking with me. It seems like people are impatient for the Wolverine/Cyclops knock down drag-out, but there’s a story going on here. Jason Aaron has already proven himself as somebody who can deliver. The explosion is coming, meanwhile i’m enjoying the ride.

  18. Read this together with Generation Hope #10 for full effect.

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