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The X-Men event of the decade starts here!

It’s never been a more dangerous time to be a mutant. Even with their numbers at a record low, the world refuses to trust mutantkind…and after a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights. Of course it’s at this moment, when the mutant race needs most to stand together, that a split begins that will tear apart the very foundation of the X-Men.

From superstar writer and Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and a full roster of comics’ top artists, this is an X-tale that will reverberate for years to come! Come October, the X-Men landscape will be irreparably changed.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Carlos Pacheco

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Does anybody know how many pages this issue is? I mean 4.99 is a hefty price tag.


  3. @bigben2012 according the Don’t Miss podcast that came out today, this is double sized, so however many pages that typically is.

  4. I think I just choked on my coffee! 5 bucks! Well, if it is really double, that means about 44 pages…

  5. really looking forward to this arch.

  6. First major “event” to be written by Jason Aaron? How could anyone who reads superhero comics not at least pick this up??

  7. Every time an issue with Pacheco’s name on it comes out, I pray that he goes back to his old style…

  8. “In Aaron we trust”

  9. @froggulper – Man, remember Avengers Forever Pacheco? I hope we see that guy here.

  10. I for one hope there is more than a two way split, at least for a while. I don’t see Wolvie as a “peacetime” leader, so we’ll see how that goes. Could still be real interesting.

  11. @froggulper & @CaseyJustice: Completely agree. Carlos was amazing on  Avengers Forever. I even loved his run on Uncanny X-Men (with Scot Lobdell?) in spite of the presence of Maggot. His current style, while good, seems too angular and a little simplified (for him).

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens here.  I’m looking forward to this more than I was Fear Itself.

  13. 48 pages w/ads. so probably 36-38 story pages, which is what they refer to as double-size.

  14. If anyone could get me on an X-Men book again, it’s Aaron (or Rmender), who are writing the only X books I’ve read in years.

  15. The Prelude stuff was some weak stuff, am looking forward to this regardless.

  16. @Andrew – The cover certainly evoke those heady days. I’d love to see his AF style with modern color and lighting.

  17. This wasn’t a bad comic, but at $4.99 I felt very disapointed by the amount of story arc that I received. It appears that we’ll have to read every issue of this series to get a story, which makes this price point feel explotative. So in short, a decent creative fragment of a story, but a disapointing consumer experience overall.

  18. @CaseyJustice – I think he’s changed his style. It may just be subtle changes as time goes on and now it’s enough to notice it. Inking might have something to do with it.

    Drawing the line at $4.99. Damn.

  19. Great #1 issue. To me the villains (re)introduced here were evocative of real life “criminals” like Annonymous and Lulzsec. If that’s where Aaron is going, this is going to be something special. What if the bad guys aren’t villified but considered cool? What if the X-Men as a concept is out moded? Mutant as hacker?

  20. So we aren’t getting the schism that tears Wolvie and Cyke apart until at least issue 2 then? Seems like kind of a central plot point that would’ve been introduced in the first issue, no?

  21. I’m about as far as you could get away from being an “x guy”, but I got this for Aaron mainly and Pacheco certainly doesn’t hurt. I really dug this book! Pacheco was a bit different I felt, but not far enough removed that I felt it took away anything. This was a big victory for the x-verse, winning me over. I was pleasantly surprised that I like it as much as I did.

  22. I’m not a avid X-Men fan, but I had no problem following this. The story was snappy and the art was great. I found the moments between Cyclops and Wolverine actually quite touching. Count me in on the next issue. 

  23. I am a pretty big X-Fan, but I had low expectations for this.  Count me in the pleasantly surprised group though; while I still worry this will end up in Kieron Gillen no longer having Kitty Pryde to write stories about in the end, for now I’m really enjoying this story.

  24. “It appears that we’ll have to read every issue of this series to get a story, which makes this price point feel explotative.”

    @rwpos: Umm … I haven’t read this yet so maybe I’m missing something. But … “huh?” Can you show me a story where you don’t have to read every issue? I mean, that’s the idea. They want you to buy the next issue so they can get a paycheck and keep making comics. It’s a business. It’s no more explotative than any other.

  25. I loved the story, but what the heck was up with Wolverine’s arms?  There was some really rough art in places.

  26. @mikegraham6  Uhh except the first half of the issue?

  27. @mikegraham6   Yep. What @ResurrectionFlan said. The first few pages establish Cyke and Wolvie’s working relationship. Their acknowledgement of mutual respect makes what you “know” to happen next all the more significant. At least that what I thought Aaron’s intention was there.

  28. I’m not a big X-Men fan, but this was pretty enjoyable. I figured Jason Aaron would do a great job writing an X-book that I would enjoy. I am already predilected toward Wolverine because I don’t think Cyclops is an interesting character. Luckily Aaron will be writing Wolverine’s book, because that’s the one I will follow after Schism is over.

  29. The art was terrible and the villain is fucking little kid. Was looking forward to this.

  30. @resurrectionflan & @smasher if I’m not mistaken, Wolvie and Cyke were still on the same side by the end of the issue. I totally agree that it set up their relationship really well, which will give there inevitable split more meaning when it happens. But what I was saying is that I expected them to split in, or at least have a disagreement about something, in the first issue and I didn’t see anything… Maybe I missed it?

  31. @ clintaa  The art was terrible.  What happened to Pacheco.  I used to LOVE his stuff.  Story was ok.

  32. Great starting point. Loved the Cyke and Wolverine relationship stuff, getting them close before they rip them apart. Have a good feeling about this one. back on the X full time again.

  33. The character stuff was great, but this book needed about 30% more plot, especially for the hefty page count and pricetag.

  34. I really enjoyed this. Not sure why so many were disappointed by the amount of story. I thought they were able to pack in quite a bit and still maintain a decent flow. I’m a fan of Pacheco, and it was nice to see his stuff again. Some panels were inconsistent, but overall I thought it looked pretty good. And if the art wasn’t doin anything for ya, there are four more fantastic artists comin down the pike.

    My prediction is that Aaron will turn Scott and Logan’s typical behavior on it’s head. It looks like Cyclops has had enough and will want to take the fight to the humans for once, and Logan may want to take a more passive approach for a change. If that’s the case, this could be a really interesting read. If not, Aaron’s still a helluva writer so at the very least this should be a lot of fun.

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