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  1. This is worth a look just for the amazing Mayhew art!

  2. I’ve loved the art previews.  I love Jean.

    If the script sucks I’ll totally make up my own.

  3. I’m hoping we get good SMLMJ Mckeever writing and not so much the stagnant Teen Titans Mckeever.

    The art in previews looks great.

  4. I am getting this because of my newfound love of the original X-Men thanks to X-Men First Class — still the only X title I read (and I dare call myself a fanboy, I know! <g>).  Also, the art does look beautiful.  I heard, however, that this is really just a Mythos book not branded as such — so I guess we will not learn anything new about the character.  I was so disappointed with Spider Man Mythos a few summers ago I haven’t picked up another.  Here’s hoping this will be more pleasant, if only because I know going in what to expect.

  5. @Bibliomike  Yeah, I don’t think that they are really able to change much within these titles; they’re just retellings.  I’m actuallly a little anxious about what they do with Jean’s origin because it’s been told and retold in convoluted ways over the years.  On the other hand, that could make it a more interesting story than yet another retelling of Spider-Man’s origin which has been pretty much unchanged since the first issue of Amazing Fantasy.  (In fairness, that’s because it’s a near-perfect story, but there’s only so much to do with it).  

    And you know, honestly, if I were telling people just to read one X-title right now, it probably would be First Class.  I like the majority of the titles right now, but First Class is nicely self-contained and shows a real love for the characters. Though the upcoming X-men: Manifest Destiny mini is going to be an Iceman story, and that might also be cool for original-five fans.

  6. Damn I missed this at the store.  Maybe I’ll trade wait 😛

  7. Seriously breathtaking art!  Every page was gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous art. As a new X-Fan, I never read an origin for any of the characters and this one was really good for a first impression. Did I mention that the art is gorgeous?

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