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  1. I’ve always liked X-Men from the 90’s cartoon and the first two movies, but I could never get into the comics until the newest Uncanny, which I loved.  I started to look into getting on board with the rest of the X-Verse, but decided to hold off on the main spin-offs until after Necrosha is over.

    That being said, has this series been good?  I’ve never heard of the writer, and am barely familiar with the artist.  The preview was too short to judge.  I guess what I’m looking for is are these just a cash-in or will they really help me get to know the characters?

  2. That’s a great cover. Unique take at Iceman, and I love how the background looks like ice.

    Cover of the week maybe?

  3. I’ve picked up all the Origins issues so far – there have been a few weak links (Sabretooth in particular, even Beast), but the Jean Grey and Gambit ones were very nice stories. 

    @Slockhart – If you’re relatively unfamiliar with the comics characters, these are ideal.  You won’t find much new in the way of developments, but they give a decent recap of the main history of thed character.

  4. Holy crap that was a lot of ads… I counted 10.

  5. Okay, so after I posted that I looked through other comics and realized that’s relatively normal… I wonder why it distracted me this time

  6. @Slockhart – Compared to a lot of the last couple of decades of Uncanny I’d actually say the current run is one of the weakest I’ve read. These Orgins one-shots have actually been pretty good, all in all. A good lead in for those unaware of the characters, but who can’t quite get into the 80s and 90s books, in terms of writing style.

  7. I loved the art in this but the writing was a bit strange in some points. I really wished more writers would utilize Bobby more – he has so much potential but he is always brought back to being the jokester kid guy.

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