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  1. Oh, I wasn’t sure I was going to get this.  But Mike Carey writing the Beast could be fun.

  2. Looks like fun to me.

  3. Not too many Beast fans out there?  I guess the Origins line HASNT been thaaaat great.  But still, it’s Hank!

  4. Beast’s origin is so Silver Age/Early Space Race in America centered I’m really interested in how they update it for a contemporary audience.  If I remember right Beast’s parents worked at or were around a Nuclear Bomb going off or something making Hank born with ginormous feet and hands: wonder it that’ll stick.

  5. I’ve been a Beast fan since forever, so I’m gonna give this a shot.

  6. There really is no exploration into Hanks early years before he joined the X-Men, so I’m looking forward to finding out what went on.  Also, I’ve been really enjoying the Origins series so far, especially that Colossus issue.

  7. I just took a look at the preview & i’m really digging the photo realistic art.  I’ll def pick this one up.  Does Woodward always use this artistic style?


  8. The Jean Grey issue was beautiful to look at. I might flippy through this one and see if I need it.

  9. This was pretty, and for the Hank fans I know it’s a must-buy, I’m guessing?  It was solid.  Not amazing, but solid.

  10. I love Beast! Picked up the book, flipped through it…put it back on the shelf. I’m still sad that the Colossus one left me so cold. I’m usually a guy that buys every X-book out there, but this week, I realized: enough is enough.

  11. The painted art in this was beautiful. The characteristization of Hank was spot-on and it did reveal a bit more of his life before the X-men and in a way reminded me of Smallville in how he’s just trying very hard to be purposefully average in a small town so he doesn’t stand out. I do wonder though about some of this stuff and if it was always part of his origin, or if it’s new.

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