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  1. I’ve read all these and beyond, they’re really good, you’d be surprised.  Though issue #2 I remember not being that great.

  2. I’ll buy this someday. In the meantime, I am hoping they will eventually release the Captain America from Tales of Suspense Omnibus. I’d love to see Cap in the Kirby, Romita Sr., Kane colored beauty. Of the many essentials I own they are my favorite by a mile.

  3. This is gonna take a lot of omnibi to get to where were at with X-Men…..

  4. I have been waiting for this since I heard about the omnibus editions!  BRING IT!!

  5. I already have a comic book of the first appearance of the original X-Men with Cyclops as their leader Marvel Girl as the telepath and Cyclops’ love interest The Beast as the the brainy one Iceman as the jack ass joker and Angel as the rich handsome pretty boy. Awesome come back for the X-Men though I think I’ll purchase this comic book.

  6. I bought it on amazon, seems like a good deal. But now I want to get the uncanny x-men omnibus…hrm should I?

  7. The version of this with the Alex Ross cover?


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