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X-MEN NOIR #3 (OF 4)

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  1. awesome series!

  2. totally, this is great.

  3. The first issue was good, but the second one didn’t really do anythin for me. Hope this gets it back on track.

  4. I loved 1 & 2…Marvel Noir is turning into my favorite comic "line".

  5. Is this a Limited Series or an ongoing?

  6. @rift1128: "X-Men Noir #3 (of 4)"

  7. Thanks. The last issue was sub par compared to the first but since its only got two more issues i’ll stick it out.

  8. I liked 1 & 2, but this one seemed "off" to me, and I’m kinda nervous about them wrapping it all up proper…unless they don’t, and they really just lead it into Wolverine Noir.

  9. I think this issue was a big step up

  10. My biggest disappointment now is that, reading Wolverine Noir’s solicit info in Marvel Previews, he doesn’t sound like the same character we saw at all…since they are all launched under the same banner, I kinda expected SOME cohesion.  Ah well, I’ll still get Wolverine Noir and, as long as it’s good, I’ll be fine with it.  Makes me way more nervous though about them getting X-Men Noir properly wrapped up this issue.

  11. I have never loved Pietro (Peter) as much as I have in this series.

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