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  1. Please dont ruin this series for me…please please please


    But I’m not sure what else they can do… 

  2. I can’t wait for this trade!

  3. This has been excellent and I will definitely pick up a HC when it is released.

  4. I haven’t been reading this but I just have to say the cover is beautiful.

  5. this has been fantastic, I don’t expect them to do something "super-hero-y" all of the sudden in the last act.

  6. This has been very good, BUT, I am also glad it is finally over.

  7. This series has been tremendous so far. You can feel the vitriol ooze of evert frame. It’s so affecting that the series as a whole might shoot to the top of my "read this" list for my friends. 

  8. it is weird to think this is the same person who did world war hulk!?

  9. @sunhero Yeah, I was thinking that, but I think that it’s just a matter of subject matter. While WWH was, well, ungood, Planet Hulk was pretty decent for a concept of "We just shot the Hulk into Space. Do something for a year or two."

     It’s like the argument of the quality of films around Oscar season: sure, it’s impressive to get something like Testament so right, but it would be even more impressive to get something huge like WWH to fire on all cylinders. Smaller, intimate and affecting character-driven stories are always easier to dig into and create quality than the "Hulk fights EVERYBODY" storylines. 

    All that said, I think that what you see most clearly here is Pak’s formidable understanding of the era. He was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford in history, and it’s clear that he did his due diligence as far as the research for this book is concerned. The whole team seems to be taking this book seriously, and it definitely shows up in the finished product. 

    Now to get my hands on issue #5… 

  10. I love this series.  I never "like" it but I just kind of marvel at it (completely unintended pun there).  The whole thing is sort of awful and beautiful all at once.  And I love the covers.  I cannot believe I’m saying this about a book written by Greg Pak.  I’ve never disliked him but it’s always been difficult to bet a hold on him.

  11. THAT’s where it ends? Is it wrong that I wanted it to keep going? What happens next? I guess we know, to a degree, but I love this character and could never really get enough.

  12. I have two complaints about the last issue:

    FIrst, the tone shifted too much to retrospective historian, giving us the facts of the overall history in caption and abandoning the characters for too many panels.

    Second,  did I miss what happens to Magda, or is it just to be implied that she died?– or that Max and Magda made it out and Max just came back alone at the end? This was too unclear to me. 

     Overall, this was another excellent issue, but I think it got too involved with its project and mission and away form the humanization of these heart-wrenching facts and figures. 

  13. Wow.

    I was blown away.  Pick of the Week.

  14. @sunhero HEY.  He also does Herc, which is one of the best and most under-rated Marvel books, so I know -I’m- not surprised.

  15. He also does War Machine, which is kinda one-note tripe.

  16. @ kndoubleu

    Magda is implied to have also escaped since, as Marvel readers are aware, she is the mother of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. In addition to that, she is shown prominently holding onto Max as they flea the camp in the double-paged spread near the end.

    I would’ve liked some small implication towards Max becoming Magneto at the end, perhaps his shadow featuring the helmet and cape (as they did w/ Harry Osbourne’s shadow having Goblin-features in Amazing this week), making some small use of his magnetic powers as he stood at the end, or especially if they’d shown the birth (or pregnancy w/) Wanda & Pietro. Though I could see that as taking away from the real weight and seriousness of the story.

    What actually made this my pick was the backup comic about Dina Gottliebova.

  17. Hints of his powers with the javelin and the bullets were enough. Yes, I wanted to see him rip Aushwitz apart but it was better to hold back on the superheroics for emotional impact and historical accuracy.

    Still havent’ read Iron Man or Spider-Man yet, but this is looking to be pick of the week.

    Hardcover is coming out!

  18. Trade doesnt come out til May 20th. Cant wait that long. Especially after all the hype around it. Just bought all of them off of midtown for exactly the cost of the HC on Amazon. $16 & sum change

  19. I was going to wait till the trade comes out but there is NO WAY I can wait till May.  I guess I’ll be picking up a few extra comics this week.

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