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  1. I love Bishop and was onboard with this mini than I see $3.99 and think maybe we’ll get a trade.  Sorry Bishop

  2. I’m a little reluctant on picking this up or not. Not because of the price, but because I’m not to fond of Larry Strohman’s art. I didn’t like it very much when he was doing the art of X-Factor, but I’ll check out how it looks in this. Might be better, hopefully.

  3. I am on the fence on this one. It’s a ligh week for me so i will try but the preview art makes my head hurt. Perhaps the story will keep me.

  4. Strohman is death.

    He’s the anti-Alan Davis. 


  5. seeya on the trade bishop, sorry duane its most of his stories i wait for trade

  6. I’m sorry but…..that is the ugliest pencils I have ever seen for a cover.

    People like this guy…….WHY!?

  7. Bishop turned into a villain that is so cool cause this old dude is one of the most suck out Marvel Character I’m so glad they decided to turn him into a villain his as boring as Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee good thing he still got a part as one of the X-Men villains.

  8. I was intrigued, but 3.99 + Strohman=waiting for the trade

  9. In some lands Strohman would have his hands cut off for the crime that is his art.  Not getting this.

  10. @TheNextChampion

    The cover isn’t Strohman, it’s Ariel Olivetti.

  11. I’m just surprised that Strohman used to be really popular year ago…. at least I think he was. I think he did a lot of the old X-factor comics and Uncanny X-man comics, and for some reason Peter David seems to like this guy. But now his art is like looking into the dark abyss of god awful art.

  12. @HBD: I know, that’s what I’m questioning

    Who the hell thinks those ugly, UGLY pencils of Olivetti is any good?

  13. Is it me, or is this book flying in the face of Bishop’s whole origin? I mean, it’s one thing to retell it, but I thought Bishop was a cop with his sister in the prison camp. Am I making that up? 

  14. I will say, though, that judging it solely on what’s here on the page, DS continues to deliver. 

  15. The story seems to be holding to the original origin story for Bishop with some extra details.  But the art is so awful you may be missing some key points.  I recommend this book to no one.

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