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It all comes down to this. Rogue. Magneto. Indra. Anole. Loa. Five mutants stand between Mumbai and its utter destruction at the hands of the Children of the Vault. Will five X-Men be enough to save a city? Maybe. But one thing’s for sure: Victory won’t come without sacrifice.


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  1. I can barely remember what happened last month but I remember liking it. Even if it was a bit predictable.

  2. Still the best X-title out there, along with X-Factor. I love what Carey is doing with this.

  3. Met Clay Mann at NYCC, agreed the Sentinels in a couple issues back were too easy to kill, but that’s how it was written.  Was confused about Rogue last issue, when did she lose her absorbing powers?

  4. Rogue didn’t lose her absorbing powers, she can just control them, now.


  5. Prof. X helped Rogue so that she could control her powers and touch people. Happened awhile back before Second Coming.

  6. Speaking of Rogue’s powers, they really dropped the ball with her encounter with Pandemic waaaaaay back before Messiah Complex.  She couldn’t touch somebody without killing them.  Then immediately after defeating the Hecotomb, she started craving touching/killing people, and that dynamic lasted a whole 0 issues.  I gotta believe that was a monumental missed opportunity, I thought Carey was heading into Dark Phoenix territory

  7. cutty: I suppose she could have gone in that direction and would have made it worthwile (Carry is a great writer, afterall). Then again, Rogue has been down that tragic "woe is me, can’t touch anyone" direction pretty much ever since her character was incepted, so it was kinda refreshing to see her character taking a step forward from that.

  8. @comicbookchris – (its sad that I can be this specific), but check out the end of issue #199 if you can.  I was so excited for where Rogue was going to go, "creepy" isn’t the word.  Then she passed out for the entirety of Messiah Complex, and woke up cured when the baby touched her, and it was all as if nothing ever happened.

    I love Carey but I haven’t enjoyed his book since the Legacy title appeared on the cover.  However, his pre-MC run is one of the best 2 year runs since Claremont in my opinion.

  9. I don’t know…I think the whole “person goes mad with power” motif has been done to death, especially with the aformentioned Phoenix.

    Could Carey write a good story with that subject matter? Probably, he’s an incredibly talented writer. But that wouldn’t change the fact that this story would just be running on old ground, which is especially a problem with a good chunk of X books of old.

    The Legacy arc where Xavier went to Australia to cure Rogue, however, was not only one of the most refreshing mainstream comic storys I have read, but it was quite progressive in terms of the character’s histories. In Prof X’s case, he finally broke through his guilt after his string of failures and constantly being berated by his former students. Most importantly, like I mentioned above, the arc was a huge step for Rogue’s character, which is a rare thing in mainstream comics nowadays. So the death touch thing was shuffled off quick as you said, but it was done so to tell this story, which I think is a small price to pay for something much more special.

  10. So if she can control her powers, why didn’t she absorb that guy’s powers who was touching her shoulder and stuff? 

    I know Rogue has evolved as a character throughout the years, but still miss the Southern Belle Rogue, the one drawn by Paul Smith, that’s the Rogue I grew up with.  The Jim Lee drawn Rogue is sorta the modern version of her, and I think she went through a X-Men the Movie variation for a little bit if I’m not mistaken, but didn’t really like that one.  She definitely looks different from when I first saw her in Uncanny back in the day, an interesting aspect of comic book character evolution to me how the look of a character can vary with the times, and I think Rogue is a prime example of that, as are Beast, Iron Man, and now even Thor having gone through makeovers, and also Wonder Woman now at DC.  But with these examples, pretty much only their costumes have changed, with the exception of Beast, but with Rogue, even the look of her face and figure has changed with all the various artists that have worked on her through time.

  11. Last issue Rogue could not use her powers because she was in purgatory or whatever that place where the Children of the Vault live is.  I forget the specific reason, just the energy there, but otherwise they are working fine.  Pretty sure that’s what people are referring to here.

  12. Rogue is finally using her powers again, was an ok issue. 

    I think Paras’ powers are pretty cool, Loa’s power seems analogous to Kitty Pryde’s, whereas Kitty’s only disrupts electricity, Loa’s is more destructive.

    Not sure why they used Raney here, huge fan of Clay Mann’s and didn’t like the transition b/n the two. 

    Not much in the way of Magnus and Rogue’s relationship here, but wasn’t much room for it in this particular issue, clearly Magnus cares for her though. 

  13. I really liked this issue. The characters are finally coming alive for me. Except Luz. She’s just annoying.

  14. Fill in art was unfortunate.  I’ve seen Raney do some great work.  This was obviously rushed and didn’t mesh well with Mann.  I would have preferred a delay of the rush job in this case. 

    This was a solid story but it looks like this book is shifting gears next issue so I’m off it again.  It seems like there are several X-Books with no clear direction or cast.  I’ll be sticking with X-Force and Generation Hope for now.

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