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SECOND COMING, CHAPTER FOUR The X-Men chasing Cable and Hope have lost a teammate. They aren’t giving up, but the trail has gone cold. That’s where Rogue comes in. But how could she know where Hope and Cable are? And the battle between the New Mutants and Hodge’s forces ends here!

WRITER: Mike Carey
PENCILS: Greg Land
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. …Greg Land? Fuck I think this crossover just jumped the shark

  2. seriously, i can’t imagine what he used to trace for Hodge…

  3. Interesting. Could this be the beginning of a permanent move of Greg Land off the Uncanny book? Might I suggest that from here he go to New Mutants, before finally settling down on a Deadpool book, where the fact that all women are porn stars could be considered self-referential and therefore hi-larious.

  4. Haven’t read New Mutants yet, but so far this event has shown me anything different than Messiah Complex except Hope is older.

  5. The last issue REALLY let me down so this is kind of the "IT" issue. if its good ill keep going otherwise im off…

  6. This is a ton of fun.  I’m stepping back into the Xbooks and this is really catching me.  It really does feel like one cohesive story and I’m enjoying seeing familiar faces.  

  7. ^ agreed

  8. Greg Land interiors with an Adi Granov cover?  Now they’re just messing with me.

  9. Pink?

    Watch out! Adi Granov is using a 3rd color choice! 

  10. Did I miss the memo on bashing Granov?

  11. @Prax

    I felt a severe lack of people hating his work, so I made a comment a couple weeks ago.  Now it seems though everyone is coming out of the woodwork. 

  12. Well, if it’s the popular thing to do, then you can bet your ass that TNC will join in.

  13. I still can’t imagin thinking Granov’s art is anything but phenomenal. Nearly as good as Djurjevic (spelling?). Granov’s Nova covers were terrific. Greg Land though… Oh Greg, Greg, Greg. When will you learn how to draw? I’m sure he had the skill at one point but seems to have forgotten. This book is a struggle for me. Love the cover. Will almost certainly hate the interiors. I do want to find out what happens though. Decisions decisions…

  14. @drake: haha, nice one.

    @har13quin: I’m with you, I looove Granov, but Carey’s been awesome on this book and I think his writing will compensate for Land’s art. Have you seen the preview:

  15. When this was actually a team book (pre-MC), I think Carey was possibly the best x-writer in a decade.  His first 2 years is a legendary (albeit short) run for me.  He understands the characters and what makes them tick, he’s got great pacing and dialogue, and most importantly it was always interesting.  I haven’t been a fan of "Legacy", but I know that he’s gonna kill it within this plot

  16. @rockingeek-Just took a quick look at it, but Land’s artwork doesn’t look that bad in the preview. I’m a lot less hesitant about this chapter now.

  17. I just don’t like Granov covers because they usually seem really stiff, they look CGI, he seems to have three models: Woman, Man, and Big Man.  This one’s not so bad, but the X-Force one coming up next week really bugs me.  It looks like a Nina Williams cut scene from Tekken 3.

  18. I think Granov is very talented and that his covers look incredibly slick and cool… and identical. There is something about his incredibly limited color palette and wax mannequin people that makes all his stuff just run together. The fact that he is doing every SC cover just re-emphasizes that point for me. Of course the funny thing is that this issue is among the better ones so far, making this thread an odd place to go extensively into Granov bashing. And yes, the pink helps.

  19. I love Granov’s style. Granted, I wouldn’t want to see him everywhere, but I love the slick and glossy art that he does. It really made the Extremis arc shine through, and it gives these covers a great unified look.

  20. If you dont like his style that is fair enough, but to criticise it for being computer generated is a bit disingenuous. A large proportion of artist use computer aids to do their work. The wax mannequin crticism is more acurate, the skin on the characters can definately look a bit waxen, however I think that is balanced by great realism in physiques and costumes. Granov is one of the few artists who doesnt just draw a naked character and then colour it with a costume.

     On the subject of the book though, I have looked at the preview now and it doesn’t seem too bad. I think its a game day decision for me. But hey! previews have turned out to be a good thing! Didn’t see that coming.

  21. Another great issue!  I thought Land did a pretty nice job. 

  22. Okay… I came into this book a big Greg Land hater and very down from the last issue but his turned both of those around. Land did a pretty good job getting everything down in the art department and was actually probably my favorite artist so far with the event and the story was really well done… People said it above (I think it was cutty) but Carey does really well with these characters. 5/5 POTW

  23. I hate this but I think it’s gotten now where as soon as see Lands name I look at the art more for flaws then the good. 

  24. That was fun.

  25. This was actually pretty good. 4/5 for me. Maybe there’s a reason for this but…. why wouldn’t Rogue just copy Nightcrawler’s power and go after hope? (Especially considering she copies everyone’s powers a few pages later!) I stopped reading X-Men legacy a long time back, but I can’t think of a reason she couldn’t. Second Coming is going pretty well, but it’s really just been the same chase for 4 issues!!

  26. Didnt realize this was Greg Land until I started to read it…lame. Hope it doent derail what has been up till now a great crossover.         

    He is causing my soul to rot.

  27. That was great!  Wow, greg land didn’t suck!  I could mostly tell the female characters apart!  Possibly some actual hand drawn panels.

    This story line is just killing it for me!  Cant wait to see what pierce has been up to…can’t wait to see the fall-out when the alpha team gets back to utopia.  i dont even particularly care about hope or cable – the war with bastion is overshadowing that story line.  I hope im not jinxing myself, but hey no bishop!!!

     What is cannonball’s team’s designation in the x-men ‘verse?   i cant recall an x-men referring to them as the ‘new mutants’.

  28. Totally forgot that Hope and Rogue had that connection from Messiah Complex. 

    T’was a really good chapter. 

  29. So Karma was just kind of uncerimoniously bumped off.  Or was it just the leg?

  30. Just her leg.

  31. Without a doubt, my favorite issue that Greg Land has done. The story also doesn’t slow down from the breakneck pace set in the original 1-shot, and it’s still enjoyable.

  32. I just love the different teams doing different things with Cylcops and Emma running the show back at HQ.  If you’re going to invloved this many X-Men, this is how to run it.

  33. I didn’t even realize it was Land, I thought it was some poor, misguided soul imitating him. It’s hard to say with him since every page is probably loaded w/ swipes (I’m positive he swiped from several artists to draw Warlock here). I’m just glad and hopeful that he stays on this book for the crossover and doesn’t get to touch the major story points. Why the fuck are both Nightcrawler and Wolverine (and Cable, sorta) smiling in their last few panels here??! And if you’re going to cheesecake it up and draw Psylocke’s costume riding up her asshole AT LEAST DRAW A NICE ASS!! Christ, he traces a fucking box for her can!!

  34. And sorry about the double post, but goddamn it, someone lost a leg between this and last issue, MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT!! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the character shows up w/ 2 legs, one all bandaged up, when under the pencil of a capable artist and it turns out Land just cheaped out and skipped drawing the fucking leg.

  35. With Elixir waiting back at base, Karma’s leg might not BE a big deal.

    Anyway, I felt this issue maintained quality (and continued the trend of slight plot holes and ultimately irrelevant inconsistencies). One bit I really liked though? Logan and Laura WEREN’T immediately fine after the explosion and were indeed still healing at the end of the issue. This is how their powers should be portrayed.

  36. Definitely much better than New Mutants #12 last week. The only beef I had with this issue is why Rogue didn’t absorb Nightcrawler’s teleporting ability in the first place. Even after she absorbs alpha teams powers, she still needed Nightcrawler to carry her and Hope. If Rogue absorbed Nighcrawler’s teleporting ability, she could have carried Hope without breaking a sweat. For the art, Land did a good job accompanying Carey’s writing. Oh and by the way, I saw the cover page of New Mutants #15 and it shows Karma having a bionic left leg.

  37. @ XManRyan.

    I wondered the same thing about Rogue at first, but then I remembered that bamfing places a huge strain on the bamfer, and Nightcrawler’s only learned to do so well despite it because of years of practice. Rogue wouldn’t be able to carry Hope as far as he can.

  38.  @ Bornin1142


    You are absolutely correct. I forgot it took Nightcrawler extensive training to be able to transport passengers. Can Rogue still be able to move as far as Nightcrawler since she has the strength of Colossus to carry heavy masses? We can’t call in Pixie because she is an X-baby and we do not want any babies to die in this war hahaha.

  39. @XManRyan-The number of people and the distance that Nightcrawler can teleport isn’t based on physical strength.

  40. And another thing!! (sorry, sorry, I’m far less indignant now) Has Rogue ever gone all Mimic-y with several other powers? I dunno, it just strikes me as stupid that she’s able to do that all at once.

    That’s no more valid a reason to show the impact of the event. I hated it when Batman and Robin were so nonchalant when Robin was shot in the back several times because, "Don’t worry, my mom’s team of assassin-doctors will fix me right up). But, I don’t consider that to be the case here, it was just poor storytelling by Land.

  41. Kinda feel like I’m kicking the guy while he’s down, but I’ve gotta add one more criticism to Land’s work here: that was one of the worst characterizations of Warlock I’ve ever seen. Despite the ethical ambiguity of swiping and reusing panels, I typically kinda like his style, but this… ugh. Feels like he finally caved to the pressure and decided to draw an issue from scratch, and now I kinda wish he’d go back to tracing Victoria’s Secret catalogues.

  42. @Justderek I’m almost certain it’s a swipe of Bill Sienkiwiez (spelling, forgive me) because it looks pretty familiar to me.

  43. @Captbastrd-Fraction had Rogue do that several months ago. I haven’t been reading Legacy, but I’m guessing since gaining full control of her powers that Rogue has been able to do a lot of things that she may or may not have been able to do in the past.

  44. I’m really enjoying this storyline – it’s nice that it’s week-to-week across the books so the pace never dips.

  45. @CaptBastard It’s happened before, I clearly remember it from X-Treme X-Men around 2001-2004, which is about when they decided to start "fixing" Rogue’s powers. Yes, it has take until now.

  46. She has done multiple powers before that as well. It is one of Rogue’s oldest gimicks. In the past the limitation was that every absorbed power drove her closer to insanity. They seemed to have dropped that for the moment, which in my opinion may be a mistake. What needed to be fixed was the Rogue can’t control her absorbing power and never touches people thing, not the too may people in her head thing, which I think is a great limitation, especially now that she seems to be able to hold the powers for longer. Anywho, Nightcrawler is definitely the only one who can use his power over long distances carrying poeple. And even if that were not the case, there are good military reasons to be able to split up the muscle (rogue) from the gettaway vehicle (nightcrawler) if things get hairy. Of course there is no reason Carey couldn’t have let us in on this reasoning…

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