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  1. I almost dont wanna get it because of the cover. Why do we need robo-nipples.

  2. @Guardedmarman – The environment looks chilly.  Perhaps they’re going for a sense of realism? 😛

  3. Well that justifies everything. Haha

  4. This is my last issue. Haven’t liked this series in over a year.

  5. Dangers story was concluded in Astonishing I thought. Kinda bullshit, but whatever.

  6. I hate to say it, but Legacy has quickly plummetted to the bottom of the X-ranks for me.  I was thrilled with it immediately post-MC but this last arc is painful.  I just don’t really care anymore.  Hopefully this issue will turn it around… I hate the thought of dropping this

  7. @ Doc-I had to drop it. I read last issue and I asked myself "Why?"

     This is month in and month out one of the books that I dread reading but I buy it because I love the xmen from my childhood. I just can’t go on reading it. I will jump back on when I hear some good things from the ifanboy faithful. This leaves me with Uncanny as my only X-related team book, which I think is a sad commentary on the state of the X-books as a whole.

  8. The Danger story was specifically left hanging in Astonishing.  Danger wanted to come back to Earth to fight Xavier and it never happened.

    I’ve been enjoying this, particularly the looks into Rogue’s mind, but I wouldn’t plead for anybody to pick it up, either.  It’s just a fairly solid and somewhat interesting book that I find fun to read every month and then promptly forget about.

  9. Please be good.

  10. I’m holding on until I see what the new storyline is in two more issues.  I’m hoping that this book will actually gain a team of X-Men.  I know that’s crazy seeing as how it’s called X-Men Legacy!!!


  11. I just couldn’t pick this one up.  I hate not finishing a story arc, but the previous 2 issues were just too painful. 

  12. Yeah, this storyline hasnt done much for me but I did enjoy this issue since we finally got some explanation as to why Charles did what he did to Danger and how it came about. That kinda pulled me back into the story since it was something I never quite understood. The stuff with Rogue just feels like more of the same, though.  She goes through one of these things every few years it seems, where she loses control or her personalities start taking over. I could do with less of that.

  13. well i desagree with all of you.  i liked it.  granted it isnt the best x-men story  ever, nor will it rank in the top ten of stories.  but it was good and i enjoyed it.


  14. I read it for a second time pretending I had no idea about the history of the X-Men, and I don’t think I understood what was going on in most scenes.

    That being said, this is still a fun series, even though it pretty much has a strict target demographic of X-Men fans. I hope, though, the character developments that have been brought forth in this series stick.

  15. Eh, I’m a huge junkie of the era(s) and past moments that Carey’s been referencing in this run, but even I got sick of the memory lane trip. There were still some things for me to like in this issue, but, wow, I really had much higher hopes for this storyline, which feels like it’s gone on for too long. Hopefully next issue the finale will take the boredom away and set up a more interesting storyline to come. I know Carey can do much better.

  16. So, I completely forgot why/how the shi’ar people were there…clearly i haven’t been paying much attention.  I still enjoy this book but we really need to stop with the boring journey’s through Rogue’s Psyche. 

  17. I seem to be the only one, but Mystique stuck in Rogue’s head is really annoying. I fight enough with my mother in real life. I hate seeing my favorite character stuck with her foster mother in her head nagging her allllll theeee tiiiiiime.

  18. I’ve been enjoying this quite a bit, enough that I haven’t even started catching up on Uncanny.  I didn’t hate Danger’s origin in Astonishing, but I felt like she needed a little more depth for something struggling with sentience and a need to revenge her perceived imprisonment…she was just a little bit one-note in Astonishing and she’s starting to take on some depth here.  I’m not disappointed at all that this isn’t yet another X-Men team book.  Between Uncanny, X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants, and Exiles, all of which have zero involvement with Xavier now, I’m kind of glad to see someone else get a solo book.  For a while there, Wolverine had two solo books going.  

    Xavier has always been a lot more interesting to me than Wolverine, and the way they’ve been retconning Xavier’s history lately, he’s got more than a few wrongs to correct.  I think Carey’s mixing it up nicely with the Danger storyline, dealing with something a little more recent compared to older history like Xavier and Sinister, Xavier and Juggernaut, etc.

    I seem to be in the vocal minority with liking what Carey’s doing here, but I preferred the introspective stories to the action smackdowns when I first started reading X-Men.  Since Xavier isn’t going to be reconciled to the X-Men any time soon and Bendis wasn’t allowed to use him instead of Emma in Dark Reign, I’m happy enough to see him wander through memory lane a bit longer…as long as he grows a little bit and actually fixes a few of his mistakes(like issuing a final warning to Juggernaut, that felt like a huge change from the "old" Xavier who gave villains like him a dozen second chances).

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