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This comic continually makes me feel that Mike Carey should be outlining as may comics as possible, but that he should take a break from writing them issue to issue.  The dialogue on this title has felt stale for months.  The main plot lines are interesting, but the panel to panel is both dull, and clunky. 

In an effort to be positive about it, I like that Danger is fighting Rogue on certain memory triggers, but that her memory triggers may be out of date as, previous to this arc, I don’t believe Rogue has been involved with Danger since she asserted her sentience.  What once may have crushed Rogue into emotional imbalance, is now just a slight nuisance. 

I get the feeling that, at the beginning of the next issue, we are supposed to see a new Rogue.  Like there was a new Rogue at the end of Messiah Complex.  Like there was a new Rogue from Supernova.  Like there was a new Rogue at the end of Extreme X-Men.  Like there was a new R…you get the idea. 

I like the idea of Rogue having stable powers, or at least a stable problem with her powers for more than a year or so at a time.  And the idea of it just being Rogue and Mystique in her head, is fun.  Especially given the question of Mystique’s status since Wolverine left her in the desert.  I’d really like them to not change that.  I’d also really like this title to stop focusing on X-Men dealing with their past, and get on to the present.  I mean, I understand “Legacy”: their present is dictated by their past, and by the mistakes they and their predecessors have made.  But Carey isn’t showing us exciting past mistakes that we’re unfamiliar with.  He’s rehashing Whedon’s Astonishing, and Brubaker’s run Sh’iar arcs.  These just happened.  And he’s not shedding any new light on them, he just seems to be saying “hey, that other writer sure wrote some fucked up things..I wish I’d written them”.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I definitely agree with you about Carey’s plotting being much stronger than his dialogue lately. I wouldn’t say that it feels like Carey’s "rehashing" stuff that he wished he’d’ve written, though; to me it feels more like he feels the need to reference this continuity as if to tell the readers, "Despite what you’re used to when it comes to x-writers ignoring continuity, certain minutiae of the past ARE relevant–here, let me reference them." It feels just as tedious as what you describe, though. In the past few arcs I think Carey referenced the past in a less heavy-handed manner. Here it’s just so obvious: "oh look, we’re literally walking through hallucinations/simulations of the past–let’s talk about them!"

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