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  1. Carey’s half of the Original Sin one-shot was great, looking forward to this issue

  2. I have always hated Daken’s stupid haircut.  What exactly is Original Sin about?  Maybe I’ll give it a go

  3. @drakedangerz – what else, a retcon

     The one-shot was interesting enough, great surprise ending

  4. So this was pretty shitty.

  5. I take that back. It was alright. However I don’t believe I will be finishing this arc.

  6. it was good.  i just didnt buy the Ms. Sinister until i said that it is Selene with sinisters powers.  i dont know if it is but i felt better after words.

  7. Hmm, I wasn’t bowled over by this. This book is on my may-be-dropped-if-things-don’t-pick-up-soon shit list.

  8. I may have to drop this book until the Origins crossover is done.  I hate this characterization of Logan, and I have no interest in Daken.   I’ve been digging the Sinister & Hellfire stuff, but not enough to follow this plot.  It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the ‘Legacy’ book when it started.  It’s just been spinning its wheels for too long, and now seems mired in crossover hell.

  9. Yeah, I was enjoying this when it first started, but it’s moved onto the drop list for me.

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