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  1. I like this book, and too my surprise I can mostly follow all the references.  That’s the part that kind of scares me.

  2. I am loving the fact that I get to read more of Gambit. He was my favorite character in the 90s.

  3. I’ve never been a Gambit fan, but I have to admit, I liked the way he was written in the last issue.  Still digging this book a lot.

  4. Love that Alan Davis cover. He’d be a perfect artist/co-plotter on a book like this.

  5. This storyline still has me guessing.  Great cliffhanger for this issue.  Sure, there is a bit of retconning going on here, but its hard not to if you are going to write a Professor X / Mr. Sinister story.  I’m still not sold on the art in this book though.  The pencils seem to be fine, but the dark/muted colors really bother me.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, its just that it really takes some of the enjoyment out of the book for me.

  6. I dunno–the retconning doesn’t bother me at all. This has the feel of some of the better Xmen storylines…I like it more with each issue…wish I could say the same for Uncanny…which I dropped three issues back.

  7. @AlexG  Uncanny should be a whole new ballgame starting with issue 500.  Maybe not better, but different.  It’s definitely been treading water since Messiah Complex.

    ‘Legacy’ still has my vote for the best X-book coming out, though — except when ‘First Class’ does.

  8. Better than Uncanny, I think. i wish someone would finally kill off Prof X and really shake up the status quo in the mutant world. Sinister leading the team or even Sebastian Shaw (always shirtless with a sash around the waste–why wouldn’t you want to hit him?) would really make for an interseting era of x-titles.

    I was confused by the woman–she looked like she was dressed as the black Queen–is this Selene, or someone altogether new?

  9. they shake up the xuniverse all the time.  in fact, i think it happens so much that it wouldnt really have much of an effect if they killed xavier.  how many times has xavier "died" or been presumed dead already anyway.  never mind the "reset button" events like onslaught, the twelve, house of m, the end of morrison’s run.  xavier’s been revealed to be nine kinds of douchebag so many times before this, that its kind of a moot point to say it again and try to "shake things up" by killing him.  the biggest shake ups in recent years are the kinds that only affect one or two characters:  cyclops and emma pairing up, wolvie losing (then regaining) the adamantium, the reveal that mystique is nightcrawlers mother, gambit having led the marauders to the morlock tunnels, deadly genesis, stuff like that.

     that said, i loved this book. 

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