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  1. I promise to take a break from trying to convince people this book doesn’t suck.

    Seeing as this issue features Gambit. 

  2. Man I love that cover.

    Why does everybody seem to hate on Gambit?  I always liked his character and glad to see him back.  It seems he’s one of those characters that it’s cool to hate him. 

  3. Gambit was cool, until he fell in love, became whiny, stopped being mysterious, resumed whininess, etc.  So much of what made Gambit cool was how he was drawn. He was always in the shadows at first, or performing some cool attack while making a joke. When he started pining over Rogue and getting his ass handed to him, all that ceased.  Judging from the pages we’ve seen, Eaton seems to be drawing Gambit to be the cool figure he was before.

    This book is perfect for me in regards to it’s use of X-lore, and despite my dislike of Xavier I find myself looking forward to this book more than any other X-title with the exception of X-factor. So Carey must be doing something right. 

  4. It took a little while for me, but Mike Carey has since proven himself as a writer of an X-Book.  All in all, I’m diggin the X-Creative teams write now pretty much across the board with the exception of X-Force.  I just wish we still had New X-Men.  I miss those kids, and Young X-Men doesn’t feel right.

  5. My objection to Gambit mostly has to do with orthography.  English doesn’t work that way.  Neither does French.

  6. Another nice issue. I still roll my eyes a bit at the Sinister retcon, but by and large this was a really nice issue. Carey’s treatment of Xavier’s psyche is enjoyable and these usual themes and fatherly concerns don’t seem stale at all.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that flashback about Xavier telling the X-Men to leave him because they’ve failed… that’s from the Alan Davis stuff in late ’99 or early ’00, right? Around the "Search for Xavier" crossover? That was all around the time I stopped collecting comics last time, but I think I remember skimming through that.

  7. Some spoilage here:


     I’m confused a bit by this issue, but it was a good issue. At the end is that SInister operating on Xavier as a child… which seems more likely… or is this a kid who is being given Xavier’s memories and the rest is imaginary? I think we need a lot more of the plot here.


  8. i think the kid is xavier, and he is seeing his own memories.   Sinister probobly erased them, or something.  On another note:  This colorist is making me hate this book more with every issue.

  9. @kevsname72: so f’ing true!  i can’t stand the colors in this book.  the pencils aren’t that bad, but the colors really make this feel like a b-list book.

  10. @dochess    It’s odd that D’armata’s coloring is so perfect on Captain America and just doesn’t work here.  Too damn shiny.  That said I probably liked the art here best of this series so far.  Loved Deodato in the flashback stuff.

  11. Deodato stuff was fantastic.  They’re really getting some top-notch art for the flashbacks in this series

  12. I bought this whole run at once this week and this is the gambit from the early nineties that I loved, I think carey is handeling him better than anyone else has in a while… remember when he was a bad ass a teamed up with wolverine and bishop for missions that cyclops wouldn’t condone… kinda funny in light of recent events 

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