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  1. I wish this book were getting more buzz — I thought the first "Legacy" issue was fabulous; Carey’s been doing a great job since issue 200, really, and now that Bachalo’s not drawing it, we can even tell what’s going on —

    I’m particularly enjoying the take on X-men history, and, based on the cover, this should have some fresh insights on the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Can’t wait!


  2. oh is Billy Tan doing the mindscape art this issue? I love his X-Men

  3. I think they screwed up naming it X-men: Legacy. Does it sound like a monthly in continuity series? No, it sounds like a mini-series about yesteryear.  Anybody who walks into a comic shop is going to pass up this book for somthing more recognizable, like Uncanny X-men.  Poor choice of titles.

  4. @shogunt You’d think the high numbering would be a clue, but you’re right — it’s dumb dumb dumb, especially when they just made such a big deal about issue 200.  Looking on the cover, it could easily be mistaken for a mini like Xmen: die by the sword or X-men: emperor Vulcan. I don’t understand the thinking; I don’t know that adjectiveless was ever hurt by being, well, adjectiveless. 


  5. All the X books (except X-Men First Class and Astonishing, which I don’t even consider an X book anymore) are on the chopping block for me.  I really want to like them, but I just can’t.  I stuck around for the crossover and since that was fun I thought I would give each book a couple more issues, but it’s just not working out for me.  This might be the last X book for awhile. 

  6. I’m sorry you feel that way sizzle, I havent been this happy about the X-line in a long time.

  7. i rather like what they are doing with the x-men books right now.  not so much with the other books but the two x-men are good.

  8. It’s official, choppity chop chop.

  9. I’m curious why people don’t like this.

    I think it’s one of the best things I’m reading.

  10. I have to say, I am enjoying them as well. It has been a long time since I have really liked the X-Men comics.

  11. I was pretty disappointed in this issue.  Given how consistent Carey’s run has been since issue #188, I expected a new take on the X-Men’s history, but all this seems like its been done before.  I just hope they don’t do the typical Professor X vs. bad guy on the psychic plane next issue.  Hopefully Carey turns it around, but i’m a little pessimistic

  12. @cutty — I’m not going to argue this is totally new, but it’s been a helluva long time since I’ve seen a good Xavier or Magneto story, much less the two of them together.  I know there was the brief Excalibur reboot a few years back, but I didn’t read it (and heard it wasn’t very good).  Between Xavier’s dream, and Magneto’s retelling of history from his own point of view, I thought there was plenty of interesting substance here.

    It sometimes seems like X-men writers, particularly, fall into the catch-22 of being considered either not enough like the past, or nothing new.  I’m just happy with a good story, which I really think this is.  And if you are looking for something new, I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen Mags’ old acolytes reacting to him being depowered.  I didn’t know anything about those characters going in, but I’m finding the dynamic really interesting. 

  13. @ohcaroline – I agree that the depowered Magneto dynamic is the most interesting part of this storyline so far.  I also like what Carey has been doing with Exodus. 

  14. I know it’s petty but I can’t wait until they drop the Legacy name and go back to being just X-Men.

  15. Does it really count as an X-Men book if there are no X-Men in it?  I can’t begin to describe how boring this issue was.  I can only say that it was no more boring than the previous one.

    I’m an x-junkie, but the new direction in this title is not good.  I’m not paying $3 a month to watch Xavier stroll down memory lane.  And these villians are pretty hollow 2-dimensional backdrops.  It’s all just a setup so X and Magnus can buddy up?  Seriously?!

    As good as the other main x-books are, this is suddenly the worst.

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