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  1. Remember when we were told that Messiah Complex would leave us with no question about the purpose of the different X-books?

    Yeah.  I still have no idea what the premise of Uncanny is; maybe this book will show us what it’s not, and make things clearer.  

    Anyway, I have hope.  And I’m happy to see the original team on the cover, even if Jeandoes look like Batgirl. 

  2. The purpose of each X-book is to find its purpose. Get it? No? Neither does anyone else.

    Seriously, though, I’m interested in seeing what they do with this, but I’m off this after two issues if they don’t do something really interesting. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of the Astral Plane, but I’ve read so many stories with Xavier venturing there before, I don’t think I need another one. I like Xavier. I like the Astral Plane. I like the idea of someone’s consciousness on the brink of oblivion. I like Magneto. But I’ll be amazed if Mike Carey could make me like all of those things in one storyline.

  3. My theory about what they’re going to do is to attempt a coherent retelling of X-men history, which is something the book has been due — a bit like the "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" avengers book.  That should cover the astral plane arc and then they’ll be done with that and there will be more explosions.  Or something like that. But as a fan of X-men history, I expect to be on for the duration.  Unless Carey does something to annoy me.  We’ll see. 

    I’m a little disappointed with the division of the casts in these books, since I think Brubaker writes an interesting Xavier, and Carey writes an interesting Emma, and neither of them is going to get a chance to do that.

  4. I just hope to see the Scarlet Witch in one of the flashbacks, even in the background of a panel.  I’m giving all the X-Books three months and then if they don’t get on track I’m going to stick to the two First Class titles.  Though I did really like Messiah Complex, I just don’t feel like the X-Men are left in a very interesting place right now, unlike post-House of M.

  5. @ohcaroline: The purpose of Uncanny isnt a big mystery – it’s the core team book.


    I’m pretty excited for this, the preview art from both JRJR and Eaton looks great.

  6. Messiah Complex was like when you go see an museum exhibit and at the end you get dumped off in the gift shop.

  7. @Balefuego — I guess?  But what’s the core team doing?  I love Ed Brubaker, but at the rate he paces his stories, Steve Rogers will be alive again before we figure out what Cyclops and crew are up to.  I thought Messiah Complex was a better event, overall, than Civil War, but the one thing CW and the initiative books did right was leave everybody in a clear, common starting place.   Bru is playing coy, and meanwhile books like X-Force and Young X-men are launching and it’s hard to figure out where they all fit together. 

  8. i’m going to pick this up…but I am not excited for this. 

    Wasn’t Messiah Complex going to be the big event that defines/changes/shakes to the core the X-men?  Now they are saying this is the set up to another event?  I was really hoping to be excited to read the X again…but so far Uncanny, X-force, and X-factor have been more of the same (which in X-factors case means its still great).

    And in terms of this book?  Looking back on previous X-men adventures…doesn’t seem to have a place in what one would assume is the core book of the X-men universe.  But I’ll give it a chance and hope i is amazing

  9. @ohcaroline

     Don’t forget that Uncanny #500 is coming up pretty soon and I’m sure they have something big planned for it. They just havent wanted to give it away yet.

  10. The best thing about this issue: no Bachalo!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  This is certain to be better than issues 205-207.

  11. This is on the chopping block for me.  I kept reading it for the crossover, but like X-Factor (chopped last week) it has been less than good for awhile now.  I’m gonna give it a couple more issues if this one seems interesting, otherwise I’m dropping the hatchet. 

  12. You’re crazy dude, X-Factor is just as good as it’s always been.

  13. It’s funny, you look at kick-ass and you think, "wow, JMR is really good", then you see this shit. other than that everything else was pretty good.

  14. I’ve always been bugged by JRJRs art, but between this and kick ass, i may be turning around. 

  15. I’ve always been a big JRJR fan but Eaton’s stuff looks fantastic too. Loved the final page.

  16. Okay, this is a helluva comic book.  I’ll post a proper review when I’ve had some sleep but I can’t remember the last time I was this happy, and this excited, about an in-continuity* X-men book. 

    *(carving out a loophole for Astonishing)

  17. @balefuego–I’ve always felt that X-Factor was the weakest link in the X-Universe.  The recent crossover only cemented that opinion for me.  The characters of this book are about as interesting to me as a Lifetime made for TV movie.  Crazy, maybe, stupidly spending my money on a book that doesn’t hold my interest, definitely not.

  18. i thought this book was rather good.  in enjoyed the two art styles and i am intrested in what they plan on doing with it.

  19. Sorry all, I can’t see how we review as opposed to comment. I’d better add some spoiler space for safety’s sake:


    Being the latest issue of the adjectiveless X-Men title. I thought I’d give it a shot post-Messiah Complex. The new set-up is that Professor X is out of action (again!), having been shot in the head by boring old Bishop. So he gets to reminisce about the X-Men’s early days in his head while his captors/carers argue about whether to kill him/look after him.

    As the people with Xavier are the Acolytes, that’s a major minus – I’ve never liked Exodus, Amelia Voght (no mutant power, apparently, but a heckuva thrusting chest) and co, they’re just another bunch of preaching criminals. I did like the latest look back at the birth of Xavier and Moira McTaggart’s mission to seek out and aid mutants; there’s sparky dialogue from Caledonia minx Moira, courtesy of writer Mike Carey. But every time we went back to the Acolytes I lost interest, and the big surprise guy on the final page, well, that prompted a big old yawn from me.

    Plus, I am so very tired about X-books obsessed with the woes of being a mutant. Mutancy is just a quick explanation for super-powers, can’t everyone get over it? Especially in a world where Iron Man and collaborators are making people into freaks.

    The art is mixed. Scott Eaton and John Dell provide the Acolyte scenes, but are hampered by the too shiny colours of Frank D’Armata – well, I think that’s who it is, he shares the credit box with Christina Strain, but I think she’s handling the flashback art – the current day colours are reminiscent of the colouring that was yet another strike against the awful Avengers Disassembled (it was red everywhere, I tell ya!).

    The flashback scenes are coloured a little more to my taste, but the pencils and inks – not so good. Which is surprising, as they’re the work of the terrifically talented John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson. To my eye, their work here is just ugly, with Moira looking like a startled rabbit throughout.

    I’m out.

  20. Oh, apols to colourist Frank D’Armata – I still don’t like his palette here, but according to

    He was told to colour Avengers Disassembled in a weird manner. Examples of other work are very good.

  21. So… is this Uncanny? I was confused by the title… and why it ended up in my pull list, considering I’ve never had X-Men Legacy on my list before… it was a so-so issue. Lacking in X-Men, I found.

  22. @zombox — in terms of numbering, this is the same title that Mike Carey has been writing, aka "adjectiveless" X-men.  Uncanny is by Brubaker.  None of the writers have actually changed on the regular title.


  23. who was the gent on the last page?


  25. I like that Carey’s at least asking the question "Why would the Professor let himself get shot?" As the Uncanny X-Cast’s Retro Reviews keep reminding me, there was a time when the Prof would’ve erased Bishop’s memory just for thinking about shooting the baby (or Cable, or whatever).  Portraying Xavier as an emotionally broken man with godlike abilities could make for interesting reading. I sadly predict that a battle will ensue that will ultimately distract from the psychological drama (see: X-Men building up to Messiah Complex, the last few issues of Wildcats 3.0, etc.)

  26. Ummm …. I actually fell asleep while reading this. It was that boring. The art was decent, but the story felt like stuff we’ve been over a dozen times, done better elsewhere (although I liked the flashback with Scott & the Prof towards the end.)   "Messiah Complex" bought the X-books some goodwill because I had a lot of fun reading it, but so far "X-Men in 60s San Francisco" (in Uncanny) and "The Prof Hangs Between Life and Death! Again! We Mean it!" (here) are squandering it.  Don’t mean to hate, just hoping it gets better soon.   I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed "X-Force" #1 the most post MC so far. Scary.

  27. Eh…I buy X-MEN because I’ve always bought X-MEN.  It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about it.  Astonishing was good, but it just doesn’t have the characters in it that I love.  I grew up on the Australian X-Men, so Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, Colossus, Havok, & Dazzler (Longshot…not so much) will always be the X-Men that I care the most about.  I’m excited to see what happens with Rogue & Colossus since they’re the only 2 that haven’t be banished from the core X books lately.  (Wolvie excluded, of course)  Storm’s in Black Panther/FF, Psylocke in New Exiles??, Dazzler in New Excaliber, Havok in space (loved the mini)!!

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