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  1. I bought but didnt read the last one. Will sit down and read them all together once i have them all. I feel like i must have missed some details.

  2. I’m going to make a wild prediction…. This will end with Lilandra and Havok and the others heading for the wedding…  Vulcan pissed and yeah, pretty much everything we’ve already read at the beginning of War of Kings 1… Way to go marvel!!!

  3. @Fractal This book was supposed to have been out before War of Kings #1. And then it was supposed to be out LAST WEEK! Apparently this is a tale so "shocking" we had to go back to the trough to tell it!

  4. Isn’t anyone else enjoying this despite being delayed? I just this past weekend read issues #1-3 in sequence. Not the best mini-series ever, but it has pumped me for War of Kings, which isn’t the sort of crossover that I usually purchase.

  5. @Noto I’m sort of enjoying this story because it has Havok and a semi-well written Lorna. Havok is my favorite X-Men character, so I blindly follow, but I’ve been a bit disappointed by it. It is leagues better than the Emperor Vulcan mini from a few months back though. That was blah. This has some excitement.

  6. @ Noto I am enjoying this I just think it maybe one of those that reads better all at once.

  7. I’ve been reading this and enjoying it, but I am not going to get this issue.  War of Kings #1 ruined any interest I might have in reading (er…paying for) this.  Especially for $3.99…  I do like the new Starjammers though.  Ch’od is great!

  8. A solid effort. Despite knowing where it was going we got some interesting twists along the way.

    However, has it been stated that Havok’s powers can harm Vulcan before? Because Scott and Alex can’t harm each other, it should stand to reason he can’t hurt Gabriel. Unless it was rationalized away as "He’s 1/2 Shi-Ar." I also don’t think Havok’s powers are "solar" based but "cosmically" based. Granted that’s shaky logic, but he’s fought next to many a Solar powered ally before and never been mystically charged up. 

  9. Well, it’s over. I’m definitely subscribing to War of Kings. This ish and WOK #1 sold me.

     To anyone who may read this and has the knowledge, I never really followed Marvel Cosmic too much. Should I be getting any of the tie-ins to War of Kings, or is the mini-series enough for me to understand it as a whole?

  10. @Noto:  The mini-series will probably explain everything you want to know, but I would suggest you at least read Guardians of the Galaxy alongside it.  It’s Abnett and Lanning’s best book!  And, although I didn’t get WOK: Darkhawk, I think WOK: Ascension might be pretty good…

  11. @PraxJarvin: Everyone can hurt Vulcan and Vulcan can hurt everyone. He lacks the Summers’ immunity for reasons that have never been stated. As for Havok, the difference this time was that the enemy he absorbed the power from was not solar-powered, but an actual sentient star.


  12. I’m totally enjoying this series, partly ’cause I enjoy the X-Men in space and partly ’cause I’m a huge Rachel Summers fan.

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