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  1. Since I only have 3 books this week, I kinda wanna buy this just so I can be in on the joke…

  2. I’m luvin’ this title.  And, Paul Smith is coming on board as artist!  What more can you ask for?

  3. Is that Shadowcat and her pet dragon Lockheed?

  4. I have high hopes for this after the absurdity of issue 3.  Although I may have to hold off on reading until after story time.

  5. POTW?

    Even if it’s not, I hope Ron talks about it on the show. I’m never going to buy it, but his narration of the story is Fantastic!

    Is Wolverine really gone?

  6. Considering how often this book comes out, and how entertaining it is in its own way, it’s got to make Ron’s POTW at some point. And that is going to be a VERY entertaining week on this site, whenever it happens.

  7. Totally deserves to be POW.

  8. Are people rating this book ironically?

  9. This books writing is almost everything that made me quit reading comics in the 90’s.

    Claremont should really get Liefeld to draw this thing… that would help capture the essence of 90’s suck that he seems to be going for.

    I feel bad for the artist having to draw things that match the wildly inconsistent dialogue from panel to panel.

     That said, Ron’s enjoyment and re-telling of the issues is enough to make me read it every time it comes out.  I want a MST3K / Rifftrax style audio commentary from Ron as he reads this book.

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