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  1. *bounces with anticipation*

    Based on the previews, this issue is going to highlight one of the key strengths of Jeff Parker’s work on this book.  He’s not only building the X-men from the ground up, but integrating them with the rest of the first generation Marvel Universe.  Particularly, the women, who were so often stuck as ‘the girl’ or ‘the love interest’ in their own books get their own stories, and get to interact with each other. 

    This one features Jean Grey and Wanda Maximoff and Natasa Romanoff, and I’m very very excited. 

  2. I’m so glad that this book exists.  It’s the only non-crazy / evil Wanda Maximoff left in any Marvel Universe.  I’ve been looking forward to this issue for a long time, I love this Wanda.

  3. This is by far the best X-Men book going right now. 

  4. I’m pretty sure that this book is not actually 616, but the prequel to an alternate Marvel U in which Jean and Wanda are married and rule the world.  It’s the only explanation.

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