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There is just something awesome about being able to read the Classic
X-men in new stories.  One of the reasons I dislike most of the
Ultimate line is how Marvel made missteps in reinventing the wheel. 
The original team should have been the focus like this book.  This is just good ol’ fun.  I just
love the costumes of the Classic era and it just annoys me to hell with
how this issue in particular had a shaky art team.  The cover looks
great, but that artist only did the first and last pages of the book
and they paled in comparison to the cover.  The other artist did an
alright job but it certainly wasn’t anything special to call home about.

been following this series sporadically since it’s relaunch but I am
worrying that they will get into the mode of throwing out other mutants
into the title like this one with Wanda Maximoff.  If they keep the
guest stars at a low rate, I think I can really grow to like the series
even more.  If they want to keep including Wanda I have no qualms with
that, since she’s not crazy in this book.  Scott gets the focus of the
next issue and I hope they pull it off well and keep the ball rolling.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. First, unfortunately, I agree about the art in this issue — there were multiple fill-in artists working on it, and it showed.  However, I emphasize, since you haven’t been following from the beginning — this issue is an exception.  The art across the board is very strong, and hopefully Roger Cruz (or the other artist whose name escapes me, who has done some interiors and most of the covers) will be back soon.

    I totally agree with you about how great it is to see the original X-men, but I am actually really happy about the guest stars.  It’s totally appropriate as an homage to the early years of the book, which had a lot of crossovers.  In fact, Wanda and Pietro were in almost every issue until they joined the Avengers — and based on the letters pages, they were by far the most popular characters in the early incarnation of the book (much more than the individual X-men, who didn’t always have distinctive personalities).  Plus, I just like seeing "when the Marvel U was young."  The Fantastic Four and Hulk issues have been great, I enjoyed Black Widow here, and I’m hoping we get to see some Avengers soon!

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