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X-MEN #2


Upon discovering that San Francisco has been invaded by Dracula and his vampire army, the X-Men set out to find the evil and destroy it. But when Blade the Vampire Slayer shows up and drops a bombshell, the X-Men realize all of their assumptions have been wrong. Their only chance to survive hinges on a desperate plan which might prove their undoing.


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  1. hm.  what is this bombshell?

  2. @ABirdseysView

    The Sentry took Blade’s virginity

  3. @Slockhart- with the afro?

  4. no, excuse me.  he only ever had a half-fro

  5. So I came in here to get some intelligent information on this book and this is what I find . . .

    Keep on keeping on.


  6. Intelligent information on a book where mutants fight vampires. Hmmm.

    The first issue was solid, but didn’t blow me away. But I am a bit vampired out at the moment. To my knowledge, none of these vampires have glittery skin.

  7. Intelligent information where humans fight vampires = a shitload of academic articles on Dracula among other examples of vampire literature.

    Don’t lowbrow the comics medium, brother.

    And for the record, I those types of exchanges that occurred above. Absurdity is okay.

  8. when there are very few comments on a book, absurdity is one of only a few options.
  9. I hear you.

    Your exchange almost made me miss Edward.


  10. Eh, this is ok so far. I’m a Medina fan, so I guess I’ll stick around for a bit. Also, wanna see what happens to Jubilee. That chick needs to be cut a break.

    Yeah, that’s about as intelligent as my comments are gonna get on this one.

  11. Yeah vampires are meh. I just pretend that its some other kind of anti mutant antagonist and go on, because otherwise the first two issues are solid.

  12. I quite enjoyed this.  Felt like an X-Men book focusing on an actual group of characters.  I’m definitely going to continue checking this out.

  13. Yeah Uncanny has really been so over the place lately(Second Coming aside which I loved) so I’m sort of enjoying this. It’s nice to have a central cast in a X book again.

  14. I think that I’ve decided to drop an X-book. 

    Uncanny X-Men, X-Men:Legacy, X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants are the ones I read and I think I’ve narrowed it down to dropping either X-Men of X-Men: Legacy.  Part of me says I should just drop this book since it’s new and I have the entire run of Legacy, but Legacy hasn’t been that good.  (Also I think Legacy just needs a new title) 

  15. Legacy hasn’t been that good? More like it’s the best X-Book right now.

  16. I agree Legacy is pretty good right now, Carey does a good job voicing the characters, better than this book where really didn’t like how Wolvie was voiced, and him agreeing with Cyclops so readily, wouldn’t happen.  I like the whole vampires vs the XMen theme going on, and the plotline is intrigueing, but sort of far fetched Cylops would’ve made a decision like that.

  17. far fetched?  I think you’re missing the point.  Cyclops is crazy now.  all his decisions are going to seem far fetched.

  18. Good art here… The story has potencial But….. There´s something missing

  19. @ABirdseysView  The point is Cyclops is crazy?  Since when?  Why is he the leader of the XMen then?  Obviously you don’t know the history of the XMen, Logan never agrees with Scott, but I guess there’s a new status quo.  Why bring back Dracula, the guy who established the evil that is vampirism in the first place, not a good idea in my opinion, maybe they think they can kill him again when they’re done, but why bring back the old hierarchy to replace the new?  Like Blade pointed out, would you bring back Sadam Hussein to replace Osama bin Laden?  A Hitler for a Kim Jung-Il?  NO

  20. maybe crazy isn’t the correct word, that was a bit of a joke.  but he is desperate.  he’s trying to grasp so hard to the idea of mutantkind surviving any crisis that his methods are outlandish.  he’s the leader of the X-Men because it’s the job he was trained to have.  Logan agrees with Scott when it’s good for the story and he disagrees with Scott when it’s good for the story.

    you’re right, it is a bad idea to resurrect Dracula.  it’s a horrible idea and surely something bad will happen when they succeed in resurrecting him.  some problem that will fill an issue of a comic book and require heroic acts and problem solving skills.  which is why we buy them.

  21. I see what yor saying, just think the XMen have been too diluted since the Claremont days; Cyclops was always the level-headed voice of reason, maybe a little pussy-whipped here and there at times, but reasonable nevertheless; along with Ororo, who’s now quite submissive if not fiery otherwise, but very morally sound, as was the old-school Wolvie.  Wolvie may have been a killer, but he was strict in his judgements of who needed offing, and disciplined in his actions for risk of giving in to his beserker instinct.  These themes are lost in the current books, and to me, when the players act out of character and there are bad ideas within the story, it is bad for the story.  Will still follow despite this, the art is good enough, but being an old-school XMen always leaves me wanting.

  22. This issue wasn’t that great. Not terrible but like, I don’t know.

    X-Men Legacy has been the best X book for a very long time starting from when it changed it’s name.

  23. Loving this story.  A great build up.  can’t wait until the next issue!

  24. Wow  a lot of love for X-Men Legacy.  But what has been so great about it?  I’m not counting any of the Second Coming Tie-ins b/c that’s more of an overall thing and not specific to Legacy.  You guys loved Emplate?  I don’t know I just haven’t been feeling it. 

  25. @zattaric:  no, i agree with you…I dropped Legacy recently because I didn’t find it interesting either, it was hard to drop but I just had to remind myself that it’s stupid to spend money on a comic that doesn’t excite you to read it at all.

  26. It poses an interesting question. If the ‘New’ Nazi army was posed to roll all over Europe and you had no real effective way to stop them, would you resurrect Hitler to force in-fighting and defuse the short term threat. Survive in the short term, but of course unleash a greater evil for the long term. Given a "no-win" scenario it makes lots of sense. Not sure why people living in the Marvel-verse with the potential to call in sorcerer supremes and super-scientists like Reed Richards and the like are in such a no win situation, but most stories require a bit of suspension of dsbelief. I just wish I liked the coloring. Which I don’t.

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