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  1. Just picked up the first trade and all the issues to current of X-force and my buddy started cable, i’m getting geeked for this event.

  2. Not terribly excited for this, but we’ll see.

  3. I was really impressed with X-Force #13, so I’m hoping the intensity of that "prelude" only gets built upon as this crossover begins.

  4. just got caught up with x-force, to #6 of Cable. XF #13 was really awesome, last panel was epic, so im geeked for this ‘event’. Cable on the other hand is leaving me less than satisfied. I really dislike Olivettie’s art.

  5. This was much stronger than I expected, as the few issues of X-Force I’ve picked up have left me unimpressed.  But the story was clear, I love Mike Choi’s art, and I thought the use of the characters was pretty good throughout.  Wolverine + Cable fight, fun Domino stuff, and excellent use of Deadpool.  Can – not – wait for Nate & Wade’s inevitable reunion.

  6. I don’t read much X-Men stuff but I’ve been picking up Cable, X-Force and the Lucas Bishop mini since I read my Messiah Complex HC.  The Messiah War Prologue has got me psyched for whats to come. I’d rather have Clayton Crane on art but Mike Choi does a great job.

  7. grabbed this for Deadpool.  didn’t know Domino was a part of X-Force.. I heart Domino

  8. Agreed, great use of Domino and Deadpool.

  9. How did you survive this long?

  10. Loved this issue.  and lots of fun.  dont really understand all of it yet, but think it is going to be great.

  11. As of this writing, this book is the iFanbase’s Pick of the Week to the tune of 25%.

    It wasn’t bad, but this figure astonishes me.

  12. Messiah War could either be awesome or a trainwreck.  This one shot got me excited for it though, which is all that I really wanted for now.  I assume that the high POTW numbers reflect the large presence of X-fans on this site!

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