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  1. I’m enjoying this, but I really need to read the New X-Men issues that feature the Purifiers.


  2. This is my deciding issue. I think the story is good so far but the art work has been very "iffy" for me.

  3. Been okay so far. I can’t drop this book because I’m such an X-men fan, but I do hope it grows into something more substantial past this Purifiers arc. I’m dying to see who this new Archangel is. My money’s on Jay Guthrie.

  4. I’m not liking this storyline/team/concept that much, but I’ll stick it out till the end just because of how strong Kyle and Yost’s New X-Men run was.  I will never forgive Marvel and the X-Office for taking that book away

  5. I will never forgive Marvel and the X-Office for taking that book away.


    You don’t think Kyle & Yost wanted to be writing ‘X-23 and her amazing fanged friends’ all along?  My impression was that they’d been systematically killing off the characters they inherited that they didn’t find ‘hardcore’ enough, so XForce seems like the logical conclusion of that.

  6. Who knows where it came from to move the guys to X-Force and cancel New X-Men, but it takes Kyle and Yost away from what they do best.  I think its funny that people always bring up the fact that they killed off a lot of the kids early, and accuse the writers of being bloodthirsty.  Its probable that they got rid of a lot of characters they thought were boring, but they also finished their run with over a year of issues without killing anybody.  And they were at their best in the quiet ‘hanging around the mansion’ stories that concentrated on developing characters like David, Pixie, and Elixir in some really interesting ways. 

  7. @cutty-Well, didn’t they kill David in the Limbo story only to bring him right back?  One of the things I’m noticing about their writing is that they don’t seem to be able to do anything noteworthy with characters other than kill them off.  What else have they really done?  That doesn’t mean their books are bad. It’s just that when they need a shock, they kill someone off.  I’d like to see them actually grow the personalities of some characters for awhile. I expect X-force won’t be about that too much.

  8. @shogunt – The best example of how good these guys can be is the 2 issue "Children of X-Men" storyline right before Messiah Complex.  Its unfair to say they’d kill characters off for shock value, considering all of that happened in their first 2 storyarcs or so

  9. @cutty — I sort of feel like after you start off your run by blowing up a bus full of kids, the reputation is justified, no matter what you do later.  I also find killing characters you think are boring to be lazy and lame.   If characters are going to die, they should be characters that matter.  Otherwise it’s just redshirt cannon-fodder being used for cheap emotional effect.  *shrugs*  Your mileage may vary. 

    I don’t dislike everything Kyle & Yost have done; the "Children of Men" issues that you mentioned were pretty good, and I’ve seen other individual issues and scenes I thought were solid.  I just don’t get the impression that they’ve been forced to move in a direction they didn’t want to with X-Force.  I’m guessing they could have stayed on the Young X-men book if they had wanted to.

  10. @ohcaroline – you know, in the end, you are probably right.  I’m just not over the fact that they can’d the new x-men book when it was finally starting to get really good.  And while I’m going to stay on board with X-Force, I think its an understatement that these guys do their best work while developing characters and relationships, something this new book will probably not be too concerned with

  11. You’re right, Cutty, that the majority of their killing came in the first two storyarcs, but that was nearly a year’s worth of stories about basically killing everyone. Not much else happened.  And just when the book started to go in a different direction, they jump to a book that’s basically about more killing.  I’m not at all saying that they can’t write other stories. We just haven’t had much of an opportunity to see it.

  12. i was gonna drop this if this issue was bad but i think this was the best one so far

  13. It was good.  I like how they’re handling the bad guys

  14. man, I LOVED the New X-men these guys did.  They did a great job of developing the characters and giving them a real place in the X-pantheon.  if you want character development/background–get either one of the X-23 minis they did in TPB.

    These series has been ‘okay’ but will need to finish strong to be redeemed. 

  15. Is this a limited or ongoing?

  16. Ongoing.

  17. Ongoing.

  18. Definitely the best of the series, but it’s only the 3rd issue, and the first 2 were crap.  The art still sucks, but now I’m interested in this new Brotherhood of Evil Technarchy Mutant-killers.

  19. I didnt hate the art this issue for some reason, red eyes have to go.  that is all I have to say

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