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I recieved this issue early and like Uncanny this book was also quite the treat. The Technarchy is making a big Marvel Comics comeback these last few months and the implications here are definately intriguing.  The last pages of this book will definately have some long time fans jaws dropping as this book becomes even more firmly entrenched in the past and even I as a more recent reader am stunned by the implications of what Nimrod is up to.  This issue I believe especially benefits from Crains dark and moody art as the subject matter is frankly creepy.  I can’t wait to see where this story is heading given this ending. I encourage those long time x-fans who might have been on the fence with the book to give it a shot there is a lot to like once u get past the bloodthirsty black image the book was marketed with. Some fans of a certain character maybe unhappy with what happens to one character but its not fatal and gives way for the entrance of another character into the book with the next issue.  The upcoming solicits show angel with an armored archangel look I hope that we don’t go back to that but if we do im confident Kyle and Yost will have a story to tell.  While this book may not be what new x-men fans expect from the writers of those characters, the respect for x-history that was evident in new x-men carries over into x-force.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Wow – this book pushed my buttons.  The art was excellent – the focus effects were incredibly interesting as was the departing angel in Wolverine’s (maybe?) eye later in the issue.  I don’t read X titles normally, but this one is working out really well.  It also seems much deeper than three issues.  I’m glad to see that it is planned as an ongoing series rather than limited.  Can’t wait for issue 4.

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