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The final battle begins here! It’s X-Force’s last stand in the future and the X-Men’s last stand in the present. Bastion has been one step ahead of the X-Men the whole time, but one X-Man’s sacrifice could turn the tide! Don’t miss the penultimate chapter of the X-Event of 2010!

WRITER: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
PENCILS: Mike Choi
COLORED BY: Sonia Oback
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%


XManRyan07/07/10YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m ready for this to be over.  I’ve really enjoyed it, but I’m ready to move on. 

  2. Yeah, they should’ve only done 2 cycles through the X-Books instead of 3, and made it a 10 part event.

  3. I’ve been loving this, can’t wait for the final issue though

  4. I too want this to be over.

  5. This has been a huge success for me, I’m so glad that Kyle and Yost get to close it out.

  6. I’ve really dug this, it actually got me back into the x-men in a big way.  I hope they can keep up this level of story and action in the rest of the x-books when this ends.

  7. I agree with the positive reviews.  I’m gonna stick with Uncanny and picking up adjectiveless this week.

  8. Are we finally going to find out Hope’s power, and whether she’s the end or the new beginning of mutantkind? And what about her biological parents? The last few years have been awesome, but I gotta know this stuff so I can move on with my life!!

  9. There is a final issue after this, I believe. They might hold off giving any Hope answers until then. If they don’t give Hope answers by then there may be some rioting in the X-streets.

  10. @slockheart they also shouldve left it out of New Mutants because I hated those parts.

  11. I agree, bring on the answers!

  12. "but one X-Man’s sacrifice" Oh come on!

    Bye, Cable. 

  13. @Slockhart- Wasn’t Nightcrawler that sacrifice?  But I do agree that Cable has served his purpose, and his death might be the catalyst we need to see Hope manifest her powers fully.

  14. @3rdRedBird – I thought the same thing.  However, if there’s another sacrifice, I’d be cool with that.  🙂

  15. Hope is made of chocolate.

    I know. Pretty weird, right?

  16. Not sure I cared for what happened in this issue.  The character deaths just feel forced to make this feel important, but I can’t see both of these major characters staying dead which just cheapens it more overall. 

  17. So answer me this…did the portal close on Cable’s arm so he’s trapped in the future, or did he completely explode leaving only his arm?

  18. So she didn’t scream "Nooooooo!" as she cursed the gods, but it was pretty damn close.

  19. Cable has died twice in three years.  just saying…

  20. This issue was like watching someone let the air out of a balloon. It just sort of happened, spun around its own logic and then landed on the floor unceremoniously. 2/5 Really sloppily handled, things just sort of happened (A problem I had with the previous issue of X-Force). This literally could have been a 4 issue arc in Uncanny and been done with. Hope’s powers are interesting but uninspired as at least two characters with similar powersets have been introduced in the past 3 years. As for Cable’s death…. well… it really didn’t make much sense (Why didn’t he become a Borg? Why did he Explode? Why could Organic Material suddenly travel through the gate because Cable was in there? Why was that even a concern to Archangel, Wolverine and X-23?) Glad to be away from a book with Kyle & Yost after this event is done.

  21. The art in this was amazing. Maybe I am just easily impressed but I dont think anyone could have introduced Hopes powers in a better way. Also nice to see Cyclops actually showing some little glimmers of emotion.

  22. @Ramulux-I can think of many different artist that could have introduced her powers in a more clear and effective manner. Can you tell me what happened at the end that broke the dome? I have no idea, but the characters sure looked still as all hell while it was happening.

  23. @drake that was Hope unleashing her powers (phoneix force?)


    I liked the art over all but there was a full panels that had me confused include panel that drake is talking about.

  24. @Jediaxle Well, it was just a beam of light with no real discernible reason as to why this beam of light was any different than say Cyclops’ or any of the Avengers. 

  25. Meant to type "stiff as all hell". And yeah, I know full well that Hope did something. But what exactly did she do? Like Prax said, it’s just a big beam of light that could have come from anywhere. 

  26. Storytelling on this issue wasn’t good, but the story and art was great and the emotional resonance was there for me.


  27. If the beam is the phoneix force that would explain why it was so much more powerful.  Hopefully in the last issue this will be clarified and we won’t still be wondering what is going on with her

  28. Are we there yet?

  29. @Drake

     It was obviously Hope and to be honest I dont want her powers explained right away. What I liked about this was the fact that she just sort of kicks Bastion’s ass without any explanation as to how shes doing it and everybody is just like wtf.

  30. I cant explain enough how much i loved the page that showed Hope in the full force and her green eyes (if thats not an homage to jean what is?) with the hurt on emmas face as Wolverine tells her to stay put. That made the issue for me despite the problems…

  31. @Ramulux-Yes, I already stated that I know it was Hope that did something.

  32. I liked how Hope finally manifested in this issue and layeth the smackethdown on Bation’s candyass, but come on, enough is enough. It’s not even a good mystery to what the deal is with her, it just seems like the creaters are giving her generic epic powers and don’t explain them, and expect to pass this off as suspense. It’s pretty poorly handled. 

  33. Additionally, waiting until the very last issue of the crossover to move the ONLY plot point of the entire crossover forward is pretty piss poor storytelling.

  34. @comicBOOKchris-Damn good point. Hope manifesting her powers and finally becoming the "messiah" really was the only reason for this crossover. Like @Prax said earlier, this whole thing could have been a 4-issue series.

  35. Crossover was also the reveal of X-Force and all its implications. Bjt yes, other than that is was one long drawn out fight with Bastion and all his forces, ending in the messiah-like reveal of Hope’s powers. More subplots would have beefed it up and allowed for more character moments.

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