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This is the end of the line. The horror of what the X-Men face is fully revealed, and the reality sets in…every single mutant on the planet is going to die. They cannot hold out any longer. And X-Force goes on their final mission.

WRITER: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
PENCILS: Mike Choi & Sonia Oback
COLORED BY: Sonia Oback
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Kyle and Yost are the x-offices stoppers.  They’re the strong starting pitcher in the rotation that ends the losing streak and gets the team back on track.

  2. So is this the last issue of the event then?

  3. nope it’s a 14 parter

  4. Yeah, there’s one more cycle through all the X-Books then a One Shot Conclusion

  5. These covers have consistently sucked by the way.  The treatments, the art, the colors, everything

  6. Adi Granov draws consistently great covers.  The treatments, the art, the colors, everything

    haha, sorry, I had to.  anyway, the cliffhanger from last issue should set this one up to be fun.  leave it to the X-Men to be stuck in a giant energy bubble with a squad of Nimrods in the center.  plus, I want to see how/to what extent the Avengers help out. 

  7. I actually like Granov a lot, I just haven’t liked any of these besides the Hope/Emma one; they’ve been shit designs for the most part.  At least the cover treatment isn’t as bad as Messiah Complex

  8. @cutty Got to disagree with you on the covers.  I’ve really enjoyed them quite a lot.

  9. Will Second coming for 4 for 4 on mediocrity in May? I’m thinking yes… after initial liking Second Coming more than I thought I would, these past 3 issues (New Mutants and Legacy in particularly) have shown me I was more or less right about the execution of this crossover. 

  10. the only thing I’ve just noticed is that Wolverine appears to be summoning his dinozord, but other than that…

  11. Why does Adi get accused of drawing stiff, mannequin-like characters? Check out Wolverine on this one. You can almost see the Madame Tussaud sign behind him. I like the crumbling to dust cover, the boody Emma/Hope, and Karma vs. Hodge was all right. This one though… ick.

  12. I really hope Vanisher’s alive still. I want to see he swoop in and save the day or something.

  13. I give you my patented JB4 guarantee that Vanisher is still alive. Whether there will be any swooping I can not forsee, but checking my main source of information: Signs Point To Yes.

    So there you go.

  14. Man I’m going Yost and Kyle. I wish they were taking a core X-book.

  15. I wonder… will this be the issue Cable and/or Hope do something?

  16. Hope better activate her powers in this issue because I am losing faith in this crossover. But then again, Yost and Kyle do not disappoint their readers.

  17. So long as their isn’t an over abundance of smiling faces, I’ll enjoy this issue more than last week’s.

  18. @X-ManRyan Got to rain on your parade but I was pretty damn disappointed when they blew up that bus of kids.

  19. Geez, Prax, it wasn’t a real bus of kids. But yes, the one major hit I would put on Kyle and Yost is that they tend to be blood thirsty, going back to the "kill a character for shock value" bag way too often. The bus was way overkill. I think they have matured a bit as writers since then, or perhaps just given characters that editorial won’t let them kill as easily, I don’t know.

    @X-ManRyan I am going to bet Hope doesn’t bust out the powers until the final or maybe second-to-last issue. The tension is all about "Is she worth it? Is she worth it?" And I think when she does her thing at the end she will answer that question, at least partially anyway. I think you got another 4 issues of Bastion slowly winning at least.

  20. Yes Yost and Kyle did kill off 45 depowered students and Nightcrawler, but overall I am satisfied with the work they have done. Plus they are not really the ones to blame for these deaths. Marvel gave the approval.

    Anways is that Doug Ramsey sporting a X-Force uniform?

  21. hey I love the complicated convoluted world of the X-Men as much as anyone, but I don’t think suddenly taking 42 (mostly unnamed) characters off the table was really such a terrible thing.

  22. It was less about killing 42 no-name characters, and more about just killing, killing, killing in order to constantly shock. Look, I really liked their New X-men run. I have really enjoyed their X-Force run. They are good writers.I would hand them Uncanny in a heartbeat.

    All I am saying is that if you have to kill 42 children to make the reader feel something, well, maybe that is not an example of the strongest writing of their career.

  23. @jimbilly4 I think the deaths of the 43 students was more to show what was at stake for the mutant race and the legnths their enemies will go to. And it’s not like Kyle and Yost did it arbitrarily, they took the time to examine what it meant for the cast and how it affected them. If they hadn’t done that, then I wouldve felt differently.

  24. I thought the bus incident was the biggest milestone in x-comics over the past 5 years; great emotional storytelling.  Plus lets be honest, the house-cleaning was much needed

  25. couldn’t agree with mikeandzod21 and cutty more, both make excellent points.  plus, the direction the line was headed was to make it seem like the numbers were waning.  I believe the definition of that would be to kill 42 no-name characters.

  26. To a very big extent, Kyle and Yost are still telling the story that began with the bus bombing.  It wasn’t very long after Josh killed Stryker that the Purifiers resurrected Bastion (who of course was originally found by Styker about a year earlier real time).

    They’ve basically been ramping up the same threat since 2006

  27. A big thanks to @abirdseyeview!

  28. Man these guys can write.  5/5

  29. There was a definite lull in this crossover this month. But, particularly having read this issue, I don’t think that lull was a bad thing. It was the second act of three-act story, the calm before the storm. if it wasn’t coming out weekly the downshift might have killed the crossover, but this issue amps up both the action and the stakes and has me eager to see what happens next. 5/5.

  30. Hell of an issue. The slowness almost seemed on purpose so they could hit up with this issue where Scott takes control and hits back.

    I have a bad memory where did the bus thing happen?

  31. @jediaxle – in the beginning of Kyle/Yost’s NEW X-MEN run, the arc was called "Childhood’s End".  You should check it out, phenominal stuff.

  32. Thanks @cutty I’ll have to go digg it out. I vaguely remember it.

  33. Guess I’m the odd man out here, but I really didn’t enjoy this. Just seemed like more stalling to get to the third act with some bones thrown to get us there. The action sequence at the front of the book was a little hard to follow. (Heck, I didn’t even know that was supposed to be Hellion until late in the book.) Also… what the hell is up with Dani Moonstar’s way-off-base personality in this event? It just seems like she’s "Irrational person we need to interject to show conflict, but who has no real reason to do so and we’re not exploring why she did." I’m not wrong in noticing that Storm just randomly pops up out of nowhere having been previously been explained away as appearing in Doomwar, right? 3/5

    @jimbilly, cutty, mideandzod I’ve honestly never found them to be remarkable writers, but I admit that could just be me. To be honest, all I really know them for is just shock value. That’s the lasting impression I get from their writing – a series of poorly strung together shocks explained away with vague nods to previous stories. THe bus thing felt like a cheap ploy to show how "edgy" and "different" the book would be from the lighthearted teen fare that came before. There’s no skill in just blowing something up and having a character blithely say something like "It’s sad, but at least they weren’t powered, now get over it! We’re at WAR!" As the storyline went on in New X-Men I recall an exploding limo and a few more random deaths that cemented my opinion that was all they were going to do with the book. But that’s enough of that, I don’t care to have my mind changed and nor do you. 😉

  34. It’s not the "shock" moments Prax, it’s how they’re done.  For me Kyle and Yost hit every single emotional beat.  Go back to the issues surrounding the bus and check out Emma’s reactions while she’s trying to looks strong for her students but is barely holding it together.  Her interactions with Ms. Marvel gave me chills, especially when she showed up at the funeral. 

    That’s just an example.  This issue was filled with plenty more, I especially loved X-23 sitting bedside with Julian.  What they’ve done with X-23 over the past 5 years in general has been fantastic, she has gone from a cliche to one of the more compelling characters in x-comics.

    I don’t see how anything they’ve ever done is vague, they’re more immersed in x-continuity than any writer of the past decade.  They’ve essentially been telling one continuous story since 2006, and everything flows.  You really think their NEW X-MEN run was meant to be "edgy"?  I don’t think anything has been done for "shock", it’s to pull some emotion and reaction out of their characters.  It’s to raise the stakes and make things more interesting. 

    You should really read NEW X-MEN again.  If anything, go back and read the 2 issue "Children of X-Men" arc, that might change your mind about these guys – they are most certainly about characters and relationships.

  35. @Cutty Guess yu didn’t read the last line of his post… he don’t care. Let’s just drop it. Some people like Kyle and Yost. Others don’t. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. (And you both ave valid points about the writers.)

  36. This was like a bad Riddler trick: What do you call a book with two writers but only half of the pages have words? X-Force 27. And I get why those pages had no words; in fact, in the hands of an artist capable of storytelling, that sequence would’ve been amazing, but I was left going, "Huhwha? Why the hands? Cut off? Oh… power overload, maybe? … Did someone just die?" I was subsequently treated to a recap of those pages mere pages later. Necessary though it may be, it was still boring. And who’s Ramsey and why did Wolverine make the "only weakness is bullets" joke about them and why does that make New Mutants girl all angry-like? Aside from those complaints, I liked the book just fine, but I can’t give this book higher than a 3 rating.

  37. @capt – doug ramsey/cypher, he got shot and killed back in the day during a very very very low point in New Mutants comics.  I thought it was a pretty solid joke

  38. the future…

  39. This was crap.

  40. God damn it.

    At this point, it’s just obvious that Kyle and Yost HATE the New X-Men as characters. It’s far past "dramatic" and well into the realm of "inane". 

  41. lmfao!!! FINALLY someone took a dump on Hellion. F$#@ HHHATE that character and not in the (we’re supposed to hate him) sort of way, more like Kyle/Yost trying to make a hero out of a douche which is the one of the only things that I disliked about Kyle/Yost’s run. Now that they made him a cripple, I’m ok. I’m ok.

    @capt: listen to Uncanny X-cast and you will be well adversed into the X-universe and you’ll really catch alot of the hidden undertones that alot of good X-events have.

  42. @cutty & Mangaman

    A) What does that have to do with the story at hand?
    B) Why would Wolverine be a snarky asshole about it?
    C) I shouldn’t have to listen to a podcast to understand what’s going on in the book.

    I know, I know; every time someone says that an X-event gets too insular, people say, "This crossover is more for X-readers." That excuse is always given for X-books; Ron said it of Messiah Complex. Now, I get that there should be elements of even the most obscure X-stuff in this crossover since it incorporates all of the X-titles, but not to the detrement of new readers. Of which I couldn’t even consider myself. I’ve been an X-Men fan since childhood; even without reading the stuff that people normally complain about regarding X-Men continuity I get and have no problem understanding. And usually it sounds so interesting or bizarre that if it is referenced in an issue, I’ll look it up. Neither of those terms apply to "Cypher is weak to bullets". 

    And most of my confusion there comes from the panel of a guy in the action-sans-words portion of the book who looks like he has a bullet in his head. I’m pretty sure that’s lost-his-hands guy, though…. It comes down to this: I shouldn’t feel retarded while reading a book unless I’m jumping in halfway through its story. I’ve been on this crossover from the start, I should be introduced subtley to New Mutants and their relevant history as needed. I needed it here and I didn’t get it, so when Wolverine makes jokes about dead guys that I don’t know that offend another character I don’t know (who is now just ‘Easily Offended-Girl’ to me), I’m turned off to the story. 

  43. @capt – yes I agree that Wolverine would never make that comment.  It was purely a joke for readers who suffered through the NM portion of Fall of the Mutants

  44. Great second half of the book. But that silent first half was so hard to follow that I actually felt relieved when we got words.   Gave it a weak 4.

    I dont think Wolverine would have made that remark about Cypher either, but I also dont think he would have been so mean to Hope at Nightcrawlers funeral either.  However, considering that Doug was just brought back to life in, like, November,  the joke is kind of relevant (and a little funny).

  45. cypher got pwnd lol

  46. Can someone clarify how Hellion’s hands disintigrated. Was it the strain of telekinetically lifting Wolverine in the air? A Nimrod in the air blasting Hellion’s hands off while he was lifting Wolverine at the same time?

  47. Easy POTW. This event has been the definition of excellent: I love the pacing, the stakes everything.

  48. The art was weak here and for the first have of the book I didn’t know who anyone was. So far this crossover have been tremendously dissapointing.

  49. I believe a Nimrod blast took out Hellion’s hands. But no, it was not at all clear. That may have been an example of the artist letting the writers down, but I am getting a bit sick and tired of K & Y dropping third string characters into stories with no introduction, no caption, no dialogue, nothing to tell readers who these X-people are and why they should care about them. I have read a truly embarrasing quantity of X-titles for going on 25 years and I often have trouble identifying who the latest kiddie is that is getting blasted. And even if I can pick out a character, if I haven’t heard them speak in over a year I certainly am not going to care what happens to them. This happened here, in Necrosha, in the X-Nation Jeffries story. For God’s sake, gentlemen, at a bare minimum throw out a two sentence caption to bring those without Encyclopedia-Xpedia in their heads up to speed.

    Oh, and I didn’t find Wolverine’s comment to be out of character. He was just pointing out the immense danger Doug Ramsey was going to be in. He was being brusque to make sure Cyclops understood what he was doing. Dani Moonstar going apeshit (something she seems to do all the time nowadays) is what was grossly out of character.


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