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  1. I don’t have it yet obviously, but this a great cover.

  2. last issue it was obvious Kyle and Yost work on that cartoon.  a recent episode made it obvious they work on this title.  kinda curious how much more crossover of ideas there will be.

  3. I totally caught those cartoon references too.  I wonder if any of the future stuff from the show will make its way into the book.

  4. I love the cover.  Big X-23 fan….. is that weird?

  5. This book is really good.  I’m surprised that more people aren’t pulling it

  6. This and Cable are the only X-stuff I’m reading.

  7. Pet peeve: comic book artists who draw characters talking with their tongues sticking out.  Not sure how that caught on, but it looks ridiculous– and it happens twice in this issue.  Have to dock the score of this issue a full point for that– 3/5.

  8. @jim  i think that is done intentionaly.  one of the characters was dead.  the other is so messed up that i think it fits.

    loved this book.  huge x-23 fan as well though i am just now starting to watch the cartoon.  so far so good but no x-23


  9. I kinda hated the whole "trip down X’s memory lane". Don’t get me wrong, I like X and the ogn NYX was beautifully written BUT I feel that it takes a certain flare for 2ndary characters to be worthy of returning cameos. Kimura’s definetly not one of them. Throughout X’s story she was simply defined as a 2d "sabertooth/archrival" to your disturbed-protagonist/wolverine. Get the picture?

    I’d write a review and go into much more detail but I believe I’d seriously be rambling about it.

  10. This gets better with every issue.

  11. Is X-force going the Blackest Night way?. That CALIBAN, DECEASED part totally reminded me of it.

  12. Possibly my favorite issue of this series so far.

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