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  1. i just hope bishop gets the soul glow jerri curl back i miss that

  2. I’m not sure about the return of the ‘black man’s mullet’.  Those days should stay buried.  I think it would be better if he just died.

  3. has been a nice crossover. Kinda sad to see it end, but eager to see where it lands this series and the mutants of the universe.

  4. A bit behind on this in issues, but damn if I hate what they did to Bishop. I miss him not being a raving lunatic with a Liefield gun hand.

  5. @PraxJarvin: Did you SEE the gun Cable was holding last issue?!? That was completely Liefieldian.

  6. lol. that’s exactly what I thought when I saw his gun…still laughing

  7. yeah I’ve never been a fan of cable, bishop, any of that future stuff from the 90s but I’m enjoying this series….odd.

  8. yeah cable and bishop are lame to me, but x-force seems to be pretty good so far. I’m not sticking with Cable post crossover. Cant handle oviette (or however its spelled)

  9. Very keen to see how this wraps up. The arc has been slipping over the last couple of issues but only by the excellent standards of the early issues. Here’s hoping it ends strong.

  10. did my copy miss a few pages? because nothing really happened in this one. cable and hope are still on the run thats differnt because….?

  11. hmm… good crossover but the conclusion was… ehh..

  12. I though the ending was pretty strong.


    I’m somewhat confused with this conclusion. I like the Archangel/Apocalypse/Hope thing with Archangel "winning" Hope back, but I’m not sure what I am supposed to know or now when the characters return to the current time. Vanisher bitched out? Stryfe becomes Apocalypse’s bitch in the future? Did the other six make it back at all?

    Bishop Luthor survives? Biggest BOOOOO of all.

  14. I’m not really clear on what happened either.  I just enjoyed the art and assumed it would explain things next issue.

  15. What was that?? I was so looking forward to the resolution of this storyline, and I was left with nothing at all, rendered in the murkiest, least appealing art style I’ve ever paid money to see.

  16. I was very let down by the end of this.  From what I could tell, it just basically reset Cable and Xforce back to where they were before this started.  So in the end what we get out of this is, Apocalypse is back.  Feh.

    @Jimski  I agree with what you said about the art.  I’m not fan of Crain’s style.

  17. " Did the other six make it back at all?"

    Yes they all returned at the end when they took off their armbands or whatever they called them.  

  18. @skeets – Can you tell me why they were all sick, and why they needed to take OFF the armbands to get back in time? I still feel like I overlooked something.

  19. so to wrap things up…. nothing has changed. This whole 7 issue crossover has led right back to the beginning of Cable. I’ve been loving this crossover and was excited to re-read it all in one sitting, but now i have no interest anymore. This issue was horrible and moved the both books AND the mutants of the universe no further than they were before. Big let down.

  20. Spoilers: 

     I guess with the Dark Reign stuff about to hit the X-Universe, they weren’t ready to bring Cable and Hope back to the present day. Everything just went back to how it was before the crossover. I was a little let down by the ending. As opposed to what seems to be the general concensus, I love Olivetti’s art and look forward to seeing more on Cable.

  21. @Noto – They were sent into the future with a limited amount of time to get the mission done. They went over the time limit and I suppose it was some sort of time anomaly thing, they were supposed to be dead in the future so perhaps time was correcting itself by killing them. Those armbands were like anchors, keeping them in the future, so when they were removed they reappeared back in the present.

  22. This whole crossover suffered from say-something-before-you-kill-the-person-itis. Little tip Bishop – shoot the kid before you say something "oh I’ve waited for this moment for a long time. Now I will finally do the thing that I will do right now which is this thing here and now to do it right….now oh shit is that Cable coming at me?"

  23. @skeets That’s the direction I was aiming at, but really hadn’t solidified it in my mind.  Thanks

  24. So did X-23 stay in the future? I was unclear on that.

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