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  1. Okay so why pick

  2. Watching the pull list by popularity is going to become my new fascination.
    I want to say this is a very surprising top pick, but it is an X-title…

  3. This is my sample issue for this title. I’m not totally psyched about it, but I’m curious enough to pick up one issue.

  4. I don’t want to be let down by this, but believe we all will be.

  5. I really wanna see how this book turns out, could be alot of fun….. or not, I mean, we have basically an entire team of slaughter monkeys…..

  6. Just wanna give it a look see if its something I will grab in trade.

  7. I’ll give it a shot, but now I feel obligated to get all 6 of the first arc before I make a decision. Sigh.

  8. sounds like we are all skeptical about this one.

  9. I don’t much like the characters, especially since they are all just variations on the "stab you til you die" theme — but the concept might work. 

  10. I don’t have strong opinions either way about Wolverine and his presence in the X-Men, nor his clone. I do however really love both Warpath and Wolfsbane, and the two of them is reason enough for me to give this book a shot. Though, I wish it was under a different name. Let X-Force rest in peace. I liked that series and even more so when Cable left and it became a road trip book… but that’s the past.

  11. God I hope this book is good but I really think its going to suck. What I really want to know is what is Marvel thinking adding ANOTHER book for Wolverine to be in. If anyone is a skrull its Wolverine because he is in 18 places at once.

  12. Well, I just read this. While it is — on paper — exactly the kind of book I’d hate, I have to tell you guys that… I really dug it! Wolverine as "mentor" is one of the best character developments he’s had in years, and the book has this cool action-thriller vibe to it. It’s totally cut like a Michael Bay movie, but it’s actually well-written. I didn’t want to like this book, but it turns out…I really did.

  13. I’m completely with you daccampo, I really enjoyed this one. It didn’t get all Michael Bay until the end and even then it felt good. This is defenitly my suprise hit this week.

  14. the art=ass

  15. One and done. I wanted to see how bad this would be and maybe have a tad bit of fun in the process. It was pretty bad, and I didn’t have much fun. Cookie-cutter plot and art that didn’t work very well (though stylistic and different in its own way).

  16. I liked it.  I think the art was a bit inconsistent, but it was a nice departure stylistically from the other x-books.  sticking wth the plan to give the first arc a shot before final judgement.

  17. @doowttam – I thought it was like a Michael Bay movie at the beginning. Wolvie’s the old grizzled killer who doesn’t want to do it anymore. Cyke is The Man who comes to offer him a new assignment. Wolvie’s reluctant, but he know he’s gonna do it, he wants to protect the others involved. We cut to James Proudstar, thinking about all that he’s lost, and swearing revenge…just feels very Hollywood action flick. I’m using "Michael Bay" as more of an icon, though. Maybe "Bruckheimer-produced, MTV director-directed" is more accurate. It just feels like it’s Armageddon or The Rock or Swordfish or Gone in 60 Seconds or what-have-you.

    But it seems better written than any of those…

  18. @daccampo – Ok, I see what you mean now. Makes sense and I think it firmly puts this book in "gotta be in the mood" territory. For instance, I love Gone in 60 Seconds when watched with a beer in the middle of the summer, and I’d have to say thats how to enjoy this book too. Check your intelect at the door and let the cookie-cutter plot wash over you. If only it was summer.

  19. I’m not sure if this is good Wolverine, as far as I’m concerned, the only guy to have 100% gotten Logan in forever is Greg Rucka. The guy’s my favorite character and from my gut I feel like this Wolverine just wasn’t well written. That said I like the concept, ut the issue itself had issues

  20. I thought the writing was really well done and the art was good, right until they started fighting. I couldn’t tell what was going on.

  21. The art was so muddy during the action sequences you could raise pigs.

  22. I just got done reading it and it was good. I was hoping for a lot more but this is also book 1 of 6. I am lost I would like to know when does  this story take place. Because in the  last Uncanny X-Men if Wolverine was going back to Siberia with Colossus. Also why does Cyclops  have his Astonishing X-Men outfit on.


     It was nice to see Nimrod and the self with the Purifiers  was a bit on the creepy.


     There was some bad dialog with Wolverine when he was talking to the teen before they went in for the kill. I HATE IT the art work if I was not such a X-Men fan I would for it in TBP.



    Over 2 out 5 for me.

  23. wow I am not sure what is going on with my text there. Sorry kids for it acting up like that.

  24. This wasn’t bad, but I agree that Wolverine continuity (relax…) is a little bugged. New Avengers is easy to excuse. But the X books are supposed to be working together right? It just feels like a mistake. Overall, not a terrible book. I liked it a lot more than New Avengers, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it. Feels like a throwaway story

  25. Stealth Mutants!

    I dunno, this is the only book I’ve read for this week so far and I found it pretty underwhelming. I don’t get the dark uniforms ("It looks JUST like Wolverine, but it can’t be. He’s not wearing yellow and blue!" "Go kill Demolition Man’s family"). I feel like Wolverine has also mentored more than enough people (girls, anyway), and if I have to listen to how tortured he is one more time I’m just gonna go on a cull. I’d love to see him placed in suspended animation for a few years.

  26. I was pretty indifferent about this book before I picked it up, but i’m a sucker for trying the first issue of fall-out titles.  I’m still indifferent, but I may pick up issue 2.  There was nothing wrong with it, i just don’t care too much about these characters (well maybe x-23). 


    Question though – what happen to Hepzibah?  Wasn’t Warpath and her….er…um…"training in the danger room?"

  27. I have to admit that I liked this more than I thought I would.  The first few pages I was a bit taken back by the art, but it grew on me as I read.  In fact I’m glad that a "dark" book like this has art that sets it apart from the rest of the X-Universe.  It lets you know that you are reading something special.  The story was decent too, although it feels a bit thin.  Still I was definitely intrigued enough to keep picking it up.

  28. I also thought this would probably suck but was surprised that I enjoyed it, coming on the heels of "Messiah Complex" – the first X-men story I’ve read in 10 years, easy.  Not sure I buy Wolverine as a team leader, but as a mentor figure (ala Wolvie & Ktty in the old days) he works pretty well.  Seeing Nimrod again was kind of cool, too. I’ll give it another couple issues.

  29. I liked this more than I thought I would and I thought the art was pretty good.

    And the way Cyclops was acting in this issue is making me believe that he is a skrull…but I guess that’s just me.

  30. I’m just waiting for the gratuitous sex scene bewteen Warpath and X-23.

  31. I just realized that Wolverine’s cowl reminds me of the guy from Phantom of the Paradise

     which, incidentally ShadowHawk also reminds me of. 

  32. The art work was pretty good (long live the painted comic!). When it comes to the story, the concept is good, but i believe it could have been executed much better than it was.

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