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  1. X-Factor’s a fun read.  It’s always off in it’s own universe, but I always end up smiling while reading.  Luckily Peter David hasn’t had to drag another storyline into an event.

  2. Excellent cover art.

  3. Please stop with the future stuff… ::sigh.:: 

  4. Don’t listen to him! Best Marvel book by miles and miles.

  5. Assuming that eventually get back to our time, I hope Ruby Summers comes with them.

  6. Ugh… just found out there’s another 6 months of this future crap. The book itself is stellar but I don’t care about anything happening in the future.

  7. Does anyone else feel that the book is suffering by the events being branched out too much? It’s still great, but all the characters are split up and following each of the groups in turn seems to hurt the pacing, in my opinion.

  8. Oh my… that was something. This issue felt a bit all over the place and generally seemed to lack any direction. I really like these characters and it just feels like we’re stalling here. I have to admit I feel generous giving it a 3/5. THere series hasn’t been the same since Messiah Complex.

  9. Garbage.  I agree with the Messiah Complex as to when this book changed.  That’s a long while.  I’m about done with this.  I liked the character moments in the book, but with this future stuff, it’s just not there.

  10. @400yrs I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. 

  11. Distopian futures have  always been a big part of any x-title.  I don’t see why people are turned off by them.

  12. @odino1 Well, that’s sort of the problem. It’s been overplayed. And honestly, I don’t really find anything new or interesting in this one. Even the "surprise" revelation at the end of this issue was bland. Easily guessable. By far the best this issue was Longshot. I’m really digging the way he and his power are being shown here. Alas. I’m torn on the book. I hate the current, floundering, story but I love the characters. What’s a guy to do?

  13. @odino1 Because this hasn’t really been a typical X book.  It has been more noir and character driven.  The first part of the series focused on Madrox and Layla so much that they became 2 of my favorite Marvel characters.  The future crap is a complete swing in the opposite direction of the beginning of the series.  That’s a great way to succeed or kill a book off.

  14. Dear Peter David, nobody gives a fuck about your daughter

  15. @cutty: What’s you issue?

  16. Dr.Drool is the best part.

  17. @cutty LOL.

  18. @cutty But I do care about Tom Kenny.

  19. After reading the past 5 issues, I’ve no idea who anyone is, or what’s really happening. It’s fun though.

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