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  1. Totally psyched for an M-centered issue.  I love the way Peter David writes her.

    Looking forward  to more of the future plot too.  Ruby Summers!

  2. I will be a very happy reader if this one doesn’t end with a twist. 😉

  3. Glad the artwork has been so much more solid here recently.

  4. Solid artwork. A decent plot. A non-twist ending to the issue! Awesome. 5/5 for me. Not as good as other issues out this week, but really liking it better than the "Scary Door" installments before hand. As well… there was a lot of reference to ladies’ naughty bits this issue, no?

  5. I’m really thinking of dropping this one.  It just doesn’t excite me like it used to. 

  6. @DocHess  I’m thinking the same thing.


  7. X-Factor is consistently good from month to month. It’s rarely ever my top pick, and this week is no exception but it was a solid issue. M was hot and evil in a way that no X-character since Emma Frost (when she was full-on evil) ever pulled off. Darwin was stronger than he ever led on to be. The Maddrox in the future plot is actually interesting. I have no idea where this is all going, and I absolutely love it.

    There’s no crying in noir.

  8. Didn’t the last issue end with Shatterstar? WTF?


  9. @noto I’m glad someone is enjoying the future storyline, I just see those pages and my eyes glaze over. Especially since virtually nothing has happened in that plot line in three issues.

    @diabhol Yeah… I was left a little "What… huh!?" by there being no mention of Shatterstar in this issue at all. 

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