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  1. I miss the days when I just whole-heartedly enjoyed this book.  Stroman’s art makes me appreciate all the artists I ever thought of as "just okay" or "kind of weird" or "blatantly traced porn."

    Please return to the regularly rotating artists thing, X-Factor!  And I promise I’ll bitch-slap anyone who complains about the lack of consistency, because this book has become so consistently ugly!!!

  2. Hey look…  Larry Stroman is drawing this issue and I’ll bet you there will be another batch of comments about ugly misshapen characters in X-Factor #36.  Stroman is showing no signs of improvement and Marvel should think about booting him out because they have some "okay" artists that are hell of a lot better than this guy.

    Might be about time to write some letters to Peter David and Joe Quesada about getting a new artist on X-Factor. I’m really tired of David’s writing getting tarnished by such shitty art. The reason we read comics is because the art tells the story as much as the word balloons!

    If I had to vote for a new artist on X-Factor, I’d love to see Adi Granov do a few issues.  His art in Iron Man – Extremis and Iron Man Viva Las Vegas is gorgeous!

  3. I feel like the artwork here HAS improved since the first one Stroman did. Still, up against the artists for the first few arcs, it doesn’t really fit. It’s kind of missing the old moodiness.

  4. I dont know if its Stroman’s art or the fact i am missing Layla Miller but i havent really dug the last few issues anyone else with me?

  5. As much as I love Stroman’s art and have thought that he has evolved tremendously from his work on the original X-Factor run, I have to agree with bluedream that Marvel should and probably will replace Stroman on this book. Just looking at the number of pulls since he started with #33 at 281 pulls the numbers have gone down with every issue. Currently the number of pulls for #36 is at 135 and I doubt they will go up. I can almost bet that this is not a coincidence and that the sales numbers are consistent with this the iFanboy pull numbers. It makes me sad.

  6. @poolgirl – I dropped the book two months ago.  I hadn’t been enjoying it since Messiah Complex.

  7. This is apparently Strohman’s last issue, at least for a little while. Valentine Delandro is taking over according to Peter David’s well timed X-postion article on CBR.

  8. i’ve never been so happy to read an article.


    i just wish everyone i knew hadn’t dropped this so someone could share in my glee. 

  9. That’s fantastic news!  I can’t wait for the changeover.

  10. I dropped this last issue, unfortunately I’ll probably still have a copy waiting for me today that’s been ordered for me. 

  11. It’s not that bad the art just doesn’t convey deep feelings it just lacks certain level of detail…

    Does someone have some theories of what Val want from the baby ?

  12. Ok, I went to TWO comics book stores and this book wasn’t present at either. Did it actually come out?


  13. Ugh. I tried to give Strohman a chance here, and he blew it for the most part. There were a few panels that I liked, but for the most part it was a big ol mess. I enjoyed the story, but the art kept distracting me. 🙁

  14. I looked up the next issue at Marvel’s website about a week and a half ago and was so relieved to discover that this was to be Stroman’s last issue.  After finishing this latest issue, I was reminded again why I vehemently dislike his style.  One glaring issue was a panel in which Monet looked like a man.  Other representations of her weren’t that much better.  Rictor was gifted with a horrible mullet thing.  Madrox continued to be only identifiable by his well-known t-shirt, probably something that Stroman was forced to apply when folks just weren’t recognizing him period (a long with the vanishing M tattoo). Let’s not start on Darwin being represented nothing like Darwin.

     Frankly put, Stroman is an independent artist and appears to generally obey the general "shape" of the characters he draws, otherwise, he totally ignores the work of previous artists in the name of doing his thing.  I don’t mind when there’s some deviation from artist to artist, but when I can’t identify characters or their gender, I think it’s taking one’s style too far.  I can’t blame Stroman too much, as it was Marvel who ultimately made the choice to place him on the title and gave the green light for the U-turn in artwork.  

    David’s writing continues to be fine, though, brief.  Going back to earlier issues, there was much more characterization going on with David opening the door into the mind of Madrox and others.  The last few issues have been brief, get the job done of moving along the plot, and not much else.  I’d love to see a word count comparison of the latest issues.  This brevity, is heightened by Stroman’s art, which for the apparent faction who enjoy it, only works to hurry the reader from page to page to simply get through the book.  All I can say, thank goodness for #37.  Can’t wait to read ya!

  15. Oh my god, Stroman is horrible!!!

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