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  1. No one has anything to say on the best book of the week?

     This is Peter David at his very best.

  2. Im with you Balefuego.  This was my pick of the week.

  3. While I think Peter David is doing some of his best work here, the art on this issue was rough for me. I’m not familiar with De Landro, but his Madrox just doesn’t look like Madrox.

    I’m not someone who usually gets hung up on characters not looking "right" – I’ve never busted out a ruler and measured Wolverine’s sideburns. In this case though, Madrox looked so off, that it took me out of the story at times.

  4. I do think this is a very underrated book.  I only started reading during the Messiah Complex and am glad I kept reading.  I laughed out loud a few times.  Guido cracks me up.

  5. @Rofo – I completely agree.  His Madrox had this weird hook-nose that just didn’t work.  I can’t recall anyone else drawing him like that.  It made me want to dig out some old back issues to see if my memory was failing me.

    Art aside, I really liked this issue.  X-factor seems to be the only X-book right now (Astonishing aside) that has a working team dynamic.  I know X-force is out there, but that team hasn’t established itself yet.  On that note, I just read that Longshot and Darwin are going to be joining X-factor (announced at WizardWorld LA).  How does everyone feel about this?  I think new blood is a great idea, but I could do without Darwin.  Longshot is an interesting choice though, and I’m curious how he is going to fit in.   

  6. I didn’t get a chance to read this issue until today. I have to say that this was by far the best thing I read this week. What’s funny is, when I think about it, not very much actually happened in this issue. But it sure did entertain me. It must be great for David to have his playground totally set up at this point. Now he gets to play in it.

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