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Wow, what is it about comics that wait till page 9 or 10 to give you a title page?

     At about page 5 you’re thinking, “Okay, this is going to be one of those where they wait to give you the credits at the end, right?” Then you get to about page 7 and get an eerie premonition: “You know those weird issues where perhaps the writer wrote the first scene last, which expanded things so much that the title and credits page are pushed back a few more pages? Those are really weird. I’m glad THIS comic isn’t like that.”

     But then there is this comic, where the credits and title come on page 9–10 if you count the recap page! Totally bizarre! Is it a record? (This week’s Wolverine waited till page 7!) Just once I’d like the title and credits to appear on the second to last page. That would really confuse people.

     This issue was very nice. I got the impression that everyone was worried about this title falling off after Messiah Complex, but from what I can see, dealing with the aftermath of that story in itself has provided two great issues in a row.

     I read about 80% of David’s original X-Factor run, and I’ve only read about 20% of this new series… but I get the impression that this new series is slightly better, even if there’s no snarky Pietro. Here’s hoping this series makes it past issue 50.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Oh, there is snarky Pietro — snarky and kind of insane; I can’t tell you which issues he’s in, but he shows up periodically.  This whole series has been really terrific, and PAD keeps knocking the issues out of the park.

    I’d really like to read the old X-Factor series, but I haven’t found it in a practical form yet.  One day!

  2. Its worth picking up the trades for this ‘new’ X-factor series by David.  It consistently among the best X-books each month.

  3. The problem with the X-Books (perhaps other than Astonishing) is that there are so many that each needs to be consistently great to keep attention on them outside of the crossovers. I read Cable and Wolverine and would never read New X-Men. Should I regularly read X-Factor?


    To the commenter above – X-Factor from Issue 1 (when the original X-Men re-formed) to several years later (when Havok and Polaris took over the team) is one of my favorite runs of all time. I would love to see a nice deluxe trade version of the "old" X-factor.

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