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What’s the single most-asked question we’ve been getting at X-Factor Central? Will Wolfsbane, cut adrift from X-Force, return to X-Factor? The answer is a resounding “yes.” But how is she going to react when she discovers that Rictor and Shatterstar are a couple? Not all that well as Shatterstar finds himself in the fight of his life. And how will Rictor react when he discovers that Rahne is pregnant? What, you want us to tell you everything? We have to leave SOMEthing for you to discover for yourself in what is sure to be the most-talked about X-book of the year!

PENCILS: Emanuela Lupacchino

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  1. Thank the gods Wolfsbane is finally getting back to good writing.

  2. Rahne gonna be PISSED!!!! can’t wait!!!

  3. I can’t wait to see Shatterstar get his ass kicked.

  4. YES.

  5. I sense this is gonna skirt the line of too much melodrama. I mean, it is a comic book, so wacky twists and turns are par for the course. But pregnant old girl friends showing up catching you with a a new lover edges into soap opera territory. I have faith Mssr. David will not cross the line, but the caution flag is up.

  6. I don’t think anything can sum up why X-Factor is my favorite comic series better than the last page of the last issue. The combination of great characters and tense drama makes this book a clear winner. PAD’s strength as a writer is clearly evident as he can make Rahne’s reappearance even more impactful than a good number of comiic book deaths occuring nowadays.

    And speaking of Rahne, it’s tough to pinpoint what exactly she’s feeling from that last page (I’m not judging it by the cover, cause you know how that saying goes). I think the best way to describe her initial reaction is bewilderment, due to the many ways that what she saw most likely caught her off guard. Is it possible that she’ll lash out at Shatterstar? Could be. Whatever she does, the anticipation is shooting this book to the top of my stack.

  7. I’ve lost interest in the book primarily b-c of the art.  I’ve tried on multiple occasions to pick this book back up and I just can’t get over it.  The writing is excellent, but I get past that one hurdle.  How disappointing.

  8. @vadamowens Looks like there’s a new artist for this issue…so there’s that.

  9. This issue seem a bit unfocused to me. Too many plots in the air that seemed too rushed into happening at the same time. As well, the Longshot/Darwin sections felt like they would have been better used for more Rahne/Shatterstar stuff. And what was up with the descending zipper on M’s costume the whole time? Each panel I felt like her low cut costume guy even lower cut! It was distracting, and not in the good way. 3/5

  10. @chris Great! I’ll probably really love the artist.  Now all of that time that it took to get enough resolve to drop the book will be for nothing.

  11. This issue rocked, no two ways about it. PAD get the drama train rolling by reintroducing the Rahne/Rictor relationship, which was an amusing subplot before Rahne previously jumped ship. Glad to see it unfurl more, especially with Rahne’s sneaky deception. POTW!

  12. ^KEPT the drama train rolling.

  13. Ok, we all know that Rahne is lying right?  That was supposed to be obvious.  That sneaky little &#@$%

  14. @Zattaric Are you implying people didn’t get that, because it doesn’t get more blatant than that.

  15. I liked the issue but I might switch back to reading trades. I love having six issues of this to read at a time.

  16. I typically prefer that more happens in a single comic than less but this issue did feel a bit rushed.  The main problem was probably that I didn’t really care of the Hela stuff but cared about everything else, causing me to rush through half the issue.

  17. WHY IS THIS BOOK SO GOOD?!?!?! There is never an off issue. This in my mind is the ONLY X book worth reading.

  18. Let’s keep this art/ colorist on this for awhile yes? Cuz this was the best looking issue in forever

  19. Always love X-Factor. One of these days, I need to read it again from the beginning. 

    First … a time paradox question … if Layla hadn’t been standing there (to get Monet all worked up, which apparently caused Monet to faint and) to catch Monet when she fainted, would she have fainted?

    Next topic … in issue #13, Rahne is in session with Dr. Samson, and tells him about a vision of the future she had in which she kills Madrox and an adult Layla … on their wedding night … in what looks like a cheap motel room … with Rahne back, and Jamie heading to Vegas, I wonder … 

  20. @cahubble09 I got the strong impression Layla did more than just work Monet up. She did something to kock her out. Maybe not. It was not completely clear. As far as Time paradox, Layla has been at the center of many of the things she "knows" so clearly paradox issues don’t bother her. Is she fated to always do the same thing, or can she change what she knows? So far she has shown no changing what she knows skills.

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