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The mutant hunter Bastion has sent the Mutant Response Division and the newly resurrected Bolivar Trask after X-Factor with one mission: Kill them all. And it seems thus far that all is going according to plan. Meanwhile in the jungles of South America, Strong Guy has to form an extremely unlikely alliance if he wants to save Monet from the MRD.

WRITER: Peter David
PENCILS: Valentine De Landro
INKS: Pat Davidson
COLORED BY: Jeromy Cox
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: David Yardin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Only X book I buy . . . in collected edition.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what happened last month.  That seems to be a problem I get more and more with this title.  I think I might drop it after Second Coming.

  3. I really like how they didn’t drop the ongoing story (Monet searching for her father) in favor for Second Coming, but instead weaved the stories together in a way that seems organic. This book continues to be in my Top 3 of favorite comic series, and PAD certainly hasn’t disappointed me in the past few months.

  4. I actually really liked last issue. Yes, it is obvious that what we saw we really didn’t see, but PAD did a really solid job dropping clues all over to point us to what probably happened. It definitely had that Multiple Man, hard boiled detective (with a splash of mutant) vibe. If you are going to throw X-Factor into 2nd Coming, this was probably done about as well as you could hope.

  5. I really hate it when X-factor has to tie in with the other X-books. The story always seem to take a hit, all so other people with read it.


    This book is great on it’s own, and I wish it didn’t have to do these tie-ins. But I know if they didn’t they would lose readers. 

  6. Edit*: all so other people "Will" read it.


    I really wish they had edit option here. 

  7. I’ve been collecting the hardcover editions so I guess I’ll have to wait to see what all went down.

  8. Other X-books – bad.  X-Factor – awesome.  Its in a three-way tie with Secret Six and Fantastic Four as my favorite team book – although I don’t really count FF as a team book.

  9. Gonna have to drop this from my regular pull list and pick it up whenever there’s not a tie-in or crossover or whatever that really bugs me about this book.

  10. I actually think X-Factor is handling the tie-in perfectly right now.  I’m not reading Second Coming nor do I care about it – all I needed to know was that someone is trying to kill all the mutants and they go after X-Factor too.  It’s a relatively short 3 issues and I like how it bumped right into the Guido/Monet plot and it looks like PAD is also using the story to finally bring another character back to the fold.  The story seems like a seamless transition rather than a forced cash to me.

  11. Yawn… Again it’s not bad but… I don’t care about anything happening in this crossover. It just feels unnecessary. 3/5

  12. the crossover is barely a crossover. it requires no knowledge of the other books other than bastion wants to kill mutants and hasn’t interuppted the story at all. its fine if you dont like the story but people need to stop freaking out about it being a crossover.

  13. I have to gibe Peter david credit for making sure we Know that Jaime’s a badass. hes always thinking and i guess you never see it coming when he outsmarts the villain

  14. Every issue makes me less and less excited for this book.

  15. Haters gotta Hate.

  16. Ehh, I can’t do this anymore… I’ve been reading since 200, and still have no idea which character is which other than Madrox, Guido, and Shatterstar.  On top of that, this book’s too dense to read in issues.

  17. You’re all a buncha quitters!

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