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  1. Jumping on here and I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  I get the feeling it’s a crime book where they just happen to be mutants…?

  2. I was the biggest X-factor fan until the Secret Invasion/She-hulk tie in. Now I’m returning to X-Factor with their return to NYC and I hope it’ll be as good as before I left.

  3. it’s been as good as before ever since the SI tie-in ended.

  4. Its still good but it was better when Rahne was still on the team and Layla Miller had not yet been adulterated (pun intentional).  Darwin and Longshot are poor substitutes.  I think the reboot and return to NYC will help.

  5. I agree that the reboot will help, but I can’t say I’m a fan of Layla’s power reveal.  I preferred the little girl who knew stuff.

  6. I was really disappointed with the last story line and how long it went on. I think this new change can only be a good thing for the book.

    @slockhart That’s what it was… until the Secret Invasion story. Then it was something else. This "soft-boot" is supposed to bring them back to the noir detective book it was supposed to be. 

    @kmob I like David’s take on Longshot’s powers. 

  7. Well, now she is the young woman who knows stuff. The only difference is that now we know the reason she knows stuff is that future-her told younger-her. Since future-her actually came from the future, she should continue to know quite a lot of stuff. I suppose it is less spooky now, but I think it is generally better to move your characters forward and that was a nice twist. Evolve or stagnate. I give David credit, even if that whole future storyline was about 3 issues too long.  

  8. Bing Cansino?  Cool name, can he draw?

  9. I don’t collect x-factor but i been meaning too ( haven’t touched since messiah complex) how is this series compared to the other x-books ( Uncanny, X-force, Legacy, New Mutants, Deadpool, Cable)

  10. @viktorr doubtful.  Art, in general for x-factor, has been absolutely awful.  Hopefully this will be better.

  11. @NOFX4021 – It’s the only X-book I still read.

  12. @NoFX4021

    I’ve only read Uncanny so far (and even then just three issues)  I like the general story, but the dialogue is pretty horrendous at times.

  13. Wow! Now that was quite an issue. I am quite impressed with David. X-Factor has been one of my favorite books all these years, but the past year really made me dislike the book. I really feel David recaptured what was right with this book in one issue. It’s also nice to see an artist paired with the series that gets the characters body language and design work so simply. (Even if Guido and Darwin look like TRON rejects.) I will admit, the fight was a little contrived – which according to the story it was supposed to be – and the Mets/Yankees feud didn’t quite work as well as I think David hoped, but all that aside this was a great issue. And definitely a bang worth the bucks! 5/5 for me. And in contention for my POTW.

  14. I’ve only read the main story, and I’m definitely hooked on this book now.  I feel like this would’ve easily gotten a 5/5 had I been a little more familiar with the characters.

  15. I think I may drop this title. I just don’t care enough anymore.


  16. I thought this was great, i’m glad to see the book getting back to it’s roots.  Loved the cover gallery.  I can’t believe how many of those I own.

  17. I haven’t read X-Factor since the early 90s, so I was a bit lost. The character bios helped catch me up to speed without having to check wikipedia.

  18. ha loved the deadpool cameo

  19. I’m still reading this book.  This book was worth every penny.

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