Spinning from the shocking twist ending of FALL OF THE HULKS, Jeff Parker (WORLD WAR HULKS: ALPHA, AVENGERS VS. ATLAS, THUNDERBOLTS) and Humberto Ramos (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN) bring you the most incredible new character from the House of Ideas: HULKPOOL! What sacrifices will he make for the greater good? What horrible decisions will change the world as we know it? And what do Devil Dinosaur, Rawhide Kid, Rama Tut, and Bluebeard the Pirate have to do with this? Find out this April in HULKED-OUT HEROES!

WRITER: Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Humberto Ramos
COLORED BY: Studio F - Edgar Delgado
COVER BY: Humberto Ramos

Price: $3.99
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  1. This Hulk event has been a great series of books… shame about the use of Deadpool though.  Seriously, anyone but Deadpool.

  2. Please tell me I can skip the Hulked Out Heroes and not miss any of the main Hulk story. Because I really do not want to buy this.

  3. Hey, at least its Parker and not Loeb.  The Parker and Pak stuff has been good fun.  Thinking about Loeb still writing comics makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  4. I disagree Diebenny… the Loeb Hulk has been great fun.  I just don’t get the hate Jeph Loeb thing… to me it seems more of a mob mentality then any actual critique of his work.

  5. (Heres me defending my hatred, and maybe the mob)

    I never really liked Loeb, but always gave him a chance.  The Tim Sale stuff sucked.  Hush was sad.  I absolutely hated Hulk, Ultimates 3, and Ultimatum.  After that, I was done with him.  So, to me, my Loeb hatred grew all on its own… but then again, thats probably the same story every member of the mob would tell. 

    I get what you’re saying though.  Many hate Judd Winick and other writers that i actually like and see no problem with.

    We all like and dislike writers and artists for various reasons all our own. Sometimes the mob agrees with you (you become part of the mob) and sometimes it doesn’t.  Ultimately, none of it matters. 

    I think its fun to be vocal about what you like AND dislike.  I might shake my fist in the sky shouting my hatred for Loeb comics unto the heavens, but the important thing is that I’m not intruding on anyone elses enjoyment they may find in his comics.  I’m not out to make anyone feel less about themselves for liking Loeb, I just personally think he sucks big fucking donkey balls for a living and should die.

  6. I liked how Loeb’s Hulk run began, but the mystery behind Red Hulk’s identity was a little too drawn out for me.  I didn’t enjoy the Defenders vs Offenders arc, or the Wendigo Hulk thing (even though the art was beautiful), but l thought the title really started to pick up after 600.  I thought "Code Red" was really fun and "Fall of the Hulks" has been great…both Loeb’s and Pak’s books.  Anyway, Jeff Parker’s Hulk stories have been outstanding.  I believe they were the best out of all of the FotH books.  I really hope that he replaces Loeb on Hulk.

  7. @diebenny Totally cool… and really my comments weren’t directed right at you… just other comments I’ve read, and judging by your response, you know what I ‘m talking about! Hahaha

    This ‘event’ has been the best thing Marvels done in a long time IMO.  And how freaking awesome is Paul Pelletier?

  8. I usually love Deadpool, but hulkpool is annoying.

    For anyone wondering, this does not seem to have any bearing on the main Hulk story. It is all about Hulkpool time travelling and talking like Tarzan.

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