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• WONDER WOMAN continues to battle through HADES in hopes of rescuing the only friend she has left.

• What is APOLLO trying to convince ARES of? Whatever it is, you can bet it’s bad news for Wonder Woman!

Written by Brian Azzarello
Pencilled by Tony Akins
Inked by Dan Green
Colored by Matthew Wilson
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher
Cover by Cliff Chiang

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Loving this series, pure quality.

  2. The first book I read every time it comes out. SO glad WW is quality again!

  3. Uh oh, the feminists are gonna march on this one too, more bondage allusions.

    Only kidding, they’ll probably just gripe via the internet, like the rest of us. Seriously though, I still can’t believe I’m loving a WW book.

  4. i got “highway to hell” stuck in my head.

  5. Being a Mythology lover, Wonder Woman has been grabbing my attention. Tho I admit, the Hades that DC is using reminds me of one of the ghosts from a Christmas Carol.

  6. Looking to jump off.

    This may be my last issue.

  7. Looks like Wonder Woman will be up to her neck in trouble this issue.

  8. This title seems to be the most polarizing of all the new 52 books. I love it. Hate away if you must.

  9. Is she gona start tying men up again like in the classic Wonder Woman?

  10. Interior art was off-putting.-

    This is starting to drag, IMO.

    • For the first few pages i thought “was Cliff Chaing drunk when he did this?” then i saw the credits, Akins, ahh.. some real wonky proportions here. I think CC’s back next issue though. Not all bad, i loved the bit with Aphrodite:)

  11. Thought the art was more than serviceable. LOVED the wedding gown. Loved the progression of the story and the introduction of new characters. Aphrodite is hot! The banter was good, though I had to re-read it in a few spots to get the voice right in my head. And, this book sufficiently creeped me out.

    It was a close call between this and Saga, but Wonder Woman got my pick of the week.

  12. Like Daredevil #12, a clinic in how to do an actionless issue. Hauntingly fascinating.

  13. atkins is the perfect second stringer for this title. love his pencils. him and cliff have very similiar work.
    i love this title top to bottom. this might be my favorite of the 52. this is groundbreaking WW material. i hope this sets the model for all future WW works.
    i like how war is covered in blood in the opening scene. “i have to tend to other things i don’t care about.” awesome.
    wedding dress is great.
    i liked hades’ cronus throne.

    • The first round of Tony Akins on pencils was okay, but it seemed he wasreally trying to make it look similar to Chiang. This issue looks like we are seeing Akins style more clearly and it’s great. His version of Strife looks slightly more unhinged and I am a fan. I am amazed at this journey, it’s really dark and unexpectedly awesome.

    • I also loved that design of War with the bloody pants. very cool.

    • Oh ya I agree that this issue Akins art was much better then the last one for whatever reason and the character design for this series is my favorite thing about it

  14. I thought the use for wonder woman’s rope at the end was really clever

  15. Another solid issue. I thought the pacing was great, with all the different threads going on in this book, it’d be easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. Azzarello does a good job balancing it all. I agree that Akins was better this time around, especially the scenes in Hades.

    This is turning into a pretty long arc; I don’t know how they are splitting it up trade wise, but It feels like this creative team has big, long term plans. Sounds great to me.

    • It’s weird originally before the book came out Azzarello was saying that it wouldn’t be much more then a year maybe that he was on the book and he didn’t seem crazy about doing it since he was never a wonder woman fan really but I really hope it doesn’t end anytime soon as well

  16. jwt6577 (@jwt6577) says:

    Have they announced an Annual for WW?

  17. I LOVE AKINS!!! His art is so different and the perfect companion for Chang. I would love to see him as a regular artist on a title of his own.

  18. 5/5 – POTW. Story continues to build well, all the characters blend together wonderfully, the substitute art was “serviceable”.

    I still remain in disbelief that a WW title could be at the top of my stack.

  19. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Another brilliant issue. I thought that Atkins did a much better job thus time as well. I don’t get why Newsarama slate it every issue.

  20. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I’m going to double check but doesn’t wonder woman’s lasso of truth only work on males? So she should get away with lying although this is a new universe so who knows. And she may actually be in love as she was shot by Eros’s pistols.

  21. This was a solid issue and I gave WW a 4 which by all means was well worth it. I have not really enjoyed an issue of WW since like two or three issues ago. This one was fun, fun and just damn cool!!


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