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As Wonder Woman continues her quest to find out exactly what happened to her current reality and who is ultimately responsible, she encounters the first of the three most deadly gods known to man. Together, they comprise…the Morrigan!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester
Art by Don Kramer, Eduardo Pansica, Daniel HDR, Jay Leisten, Marlo Alquiza, Wayne Faucher and Eber Ferreira

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Is this the main cover or the variant?

    I think this is the last issue with JMS on it right?

  2. Hope we get a bit of a quality boost with JMS gone. This has been a good story, but it’s been lacking… something. Maybe Hester can knock it outta the park.

  3. I think this is Hester’s first issue, but he’s going off of JMS’s plot

  4. @CaseyJustice  Hmmm, I;ve veen loving it so far!

  5. Lets see how well Hester handles the transition.

  6. Wow, that’s quite a long list of artists.

    The cover looks nice.

  7. This has been alright but if this issue is terrible I’m off. I just haven’t been caring too much about the story.

  8. @froggulper  Yeah, the army or artists has hurt this book. I’m guessing DC wants to position WW in a big spot for Flashpoint or something so this needs to ship perfectly. SO they throw a dozen artists at the book.

    So far I’m ok with it, but it weakens it a little for me…

  9. Everything I’ve read about how Hester wants to handle the book actually made me more excited for the book than when it was first coming out under JMS, so…yeah, I’m in. 🙂

  10. Yeah and he won Eisner’s. He’s no slouch.

  11. Don’t like the artist cavalcade. Wished JMS could have stuck with it, longer. WW needed some attention and she was getting it. I suspect even if Hester knocks it out of the park the readership is gonna plummet.

  12. Jesus H. Christ! How many artists are on this book!?

  13. @TheNextChampion  7

  14. I’m excited about Hester taking over.  I hope that he sticks around after JMS’s story is told.  I find that WW is better when the writer sticks around for awhile. (I know it’s a crazy concept.)

  15. Been enjoying JMS’s run – the most interesting WW has been in a loooooooooong time. Hope Hester doesn’t hit the reset button too quickly.

  16. “Okay guys, heres the plan: when she comes at us, make sure you aim for the shiny thing on her wrist. I have reason to believe it’s some sort of weak point. OH CRAP! HERE SHE COMES! GET READY BOYS!!!!!”

  17. This was the first issue that really clicked for me. The new history that’s been created for the amazons, the importance of keeping their heritage (in the form of Princess Diana) alive as they’re hunted across the globe, Diana’s new character traits and history… it really worked for me here. 5 stars, this close to POTW.

  18. This felt like the definition of average. Some parts I really liked. Some parts I thought were dumb. It averaged out.

  19. Actually thinking it over for just a few minutes I’m liking the issue more and more. Its still not amazing but we did learn a lot about the new universe and how the real universe is seeping in.

  20. I was about to drop the JMS run — I thought the previous issue was just abysmal — but I got this because of Hester and it was a happy surprise.  The art was definitely uneven but I was really engaged with the story and characters.  This really feels like how the run SHOULD have started instead of that confusing decompressed fight-heavy arc.

  21. Good thing about the art is that they kept the artist segregated to different and distinct scenes. That helped.

    I’m Happy Hester seems to be keeping the themes alive, which was my favorite part of JMS’ writing, the themes.

  22. Apart from the talking cat (LAME CITY HERE WE COME) I thought this was another good issue. Sucks that JMS won’t be finishing what he’s started here.

    Also, Wonder Woman now being a heavy metal fan is kind of … strange. 

  23. I loved the talking cat myself. Thought he was real cool actually. The heavy metal thing was a clever way of getting rid of her chaperon.

  24. The talking cat was the best part of this book.  By far. 

  25. Felt the Sabrina the Teenage witch cat to be a serious mistake. Thought this issue was kind of a mess on most fronts. Probably to be expected as a transition issue. Some some nuggets of possible future goodness, we shall see.

  26. I was pleased with this issue I’m loving the storyline overall my hope is that Hester will continue this story and kick ass with it. Anyone else curious how this is going to tie into the Justice League Generation Lost?

    That cat was alittle weird/Sabrina the teenage witch, but I thought it worked. This is the first time in long time I’ve been this into WW. If Hester does a good job I hope he stays on the book for a long time.

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