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You’re invited to the gala celebration featuring WONDER WOMAN talent from the past and present to commemorate this landmark issue! Renumbered to reflect Wonder Woman’s starring role in 600 issues, this book features the industry’s top talent – including Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George P


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  1. I’m going to hope this hooks me for Straczynski’s run.  I like JMS and his DC stuff.  Not as into the "Grounded" Superman story, but this could be a really great time for Wonder Woman.  I’ve been waiting for a writer to come in and do her justice.  

  2. I really hope that this can pull me into the book. I’ve been wanting to give WW a try for a while now, but I’ve held off(Truthfully because I think she has the worst rogues gallery in existance.)

  3. A terrible Rogue’s gallary shoudl represent an Opportunity for a good writer. Sort some wheat from that chaff and re-do them in a modern way. They are doing this at Spider-man to some success, although obviously the villains were better to start with…

    I think the problem with WW is that people spend too much time worrying about her legacy, her back story, her place in the DCU, which have all changed constantly over the years. Just tell a good story and let the "iconic-ness" sort itself out.

  4. I really hope this is good. The only other time I’ve read WW was when Rucka wrote it, which was awesome and I think JMS could be able to bring the qualities I liked backed.

  5. Exactly my opinion JimBilly4 Take some time off obsessing over getting continuity straight and develop some characters now.

  6. I thought JMS had a good take on Diana when he wrote her in Brave and the Bold.  

  7. JMS is really hard to predict. Sometimes you get THOR, sometimes you get AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Sometimes you get MIDNIGHT NATION, sometimes you get SUPERMAN #700. Really hoping this is good, because I want to like Wonder Woman.

  8. Yeah. I do to.  I’m not so sure after #700 though.

  9. Is that lasso forming "666", the mark of the beast? :p haha

    I am excited about this. JMS did wonders to Thor and he is one of the reasons I started buying comics again. The superman "walk the earth like kane in kung fu" story line, I don’t mind so much, will have to wait and see that. 

  10. That might be the most names I’ve ever seen on a cover…

    in fact the most names on a cover in history. 

  11. Looks cool–SO MANY great artists attached doing stuff (the prospect of an Amanda Conner pin-up makes me giddy), seeing the tail-end of Simone’s solid run, and the beginning of what will hopefully be a great, character-defining run by JMS. 🙂

  12. I might pick this up. Not quite sure yet.

  13. I am so excited about this book !  I might actually buy 2 copies bcuz the variant is beautiful, but I can’t pass up a Perez WW.  So, Ill just buy both.  

  14. Conner getting first billing is odd. Hope that means she gets more than a simple pinup in this.

  15. Well after seeing the design for the "urban" WW and hearing the "timeline altered" premise I have to wonder how this is going to play.

  16. @NawidA: I picked this up.  Yes, Connor does a short Power Girl / Wonder Woman story.  

  17. Interesting. Reading JMS’s explanation of what he’s trying to do definitely made me less skeptical.

  18. This was ok. I wasn’t wowed, but it has me curious.

  19. I thought this was terrible until the end. The I thought it was friggin’ awesome!

    My reaction per story went like this:

    "ew George Perez art + cheezy dialog+ story about graduation?"
    "Wonder Woman 600 has a story about Power Girl and her cat?!"
    "Pedestrian story is pedestrian and has a thought bubble."
    "Cool statement! Who wrote this one? Of course, Johns."
    "Oh my god that’ an awesome intro! It’s got cool themes such as the search for truth and questioning one’s beliefe system? And it’s got fascinating conceptual and visual contrasts with the mythology meet the sewers! So rich and full of promise!"

    Were it not for Johns and JMS saving this I would have rated this a 1.

    Funk Jock pinup! Enthralling!

  20. I think I’ll give JMS an issue or two to convince to keep reading WW. If he doesn’t, I’ll be back just as soon as the real Diana is.

  21. wow..I can`t belive the negative comments..this was so good I was shocked.  easily my pic of the week.

  22. @Tazz: I’m with you. I talked this over with my wife and I  thought I’d come here and folks would be all horny about this but yeah, this didn’t turn as many cranks as I thought it would.

    I thought JMS’ intro was frickin’ awesome!

  23. I loved this issue. Really liked each of the stories. Probably my least favorite was JMS’s. Not because it was bad, but it just didn’t elicit any feelings from me. I did like the art though. I love the way Francis Manapul draws Wonder Woman in that pin-up. 5/5

  24. I thought it was great! I am definitely on board!

  25. Ironically as a huge JMS fan, I liked his story the LEAST in this. Overall it was an awesome comic, but the JMS section had me feeling lost & confused after such simple stories (yes, I realize this could the fault of my stupid brain).

    Still, I have faith that I will enjoy the JMS run & am eager to read more than 10 pages from him!

    My favourite of the stories was Amanda Conner’s. It made me pour out a 40 for Power Girl. *sniff* RIP

    And my favourite pin-up was the one where WW is standing by the severed Medusa head with blood dripping off her sword & she’s SMILING.


  26. Hate to be a voice of decent here guys but I did not care for this. The Amanda Connor story was alright but all the other stories were boring and had a distinct ‘shove-it-down-your-throat’ sensibility that annoyed me more than anything. I went 4/9 on the pin-ups; the Ivan Reis, Jock, Greg Horn, and Frances Manapul pieces were great (especially Horn’s) but the others just did not appeal to my taste. The costume change in the last story didn’t affect my opinion in the least either. Overall I thought this was a big yawn.

    But maybe this book wasn’t made for people like me. 

  27. As Perez got me into WW in the 80s I loved the Simone/Perez story.  I understand that it might not have been most people’s "cup of tea", but it was right up my alley.  Before we move onto the next phase of WW w/ JMS I felt that this story really paid respect to the history of the character and wrapped up some loose ends really from back when Jimenez wrote this title.  Because of that and the fact that I really grew up with Vanessa, this was my favorite part of the book.  

    I’m still not convinced about this new direction, but I’ll give JMS a couple of issues.  If I find WW to be unrecognizable, then I’m out "until the real Diana is"  (@Aquapimp82  nicely put) 

  28. I’m still getting through it, but loved the Amanda Conner "prequel" story. The Pinups look great. I wish the other milestone issues (Batman.Superman) had this same level of attention and talent attached to it. 

  29. I like WW’s ass as much as the next guy, but somehow putting tights that fit like a second skin on it made all drawings of it twice as gratuitous as her bathing suit bottoms.. I vote we lengthen that jacket to come down to partially cover (only partially, as I said, I do like it) that butt of hers. Solves a lot of problems: looks like clothing real people wear, visually more like a cape in combat, eliminates the worst 90’s flavor of the new costume, allows the symbol of female empowerment to have a shred of dignity when camera has a rear angle on her.

    My 2 cents anyway.

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