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Wonder Woman has left Paradise Island behind, but Hera is just arriving. Without the Amazons’ most powerful daughter to protect them, can they withstand the wrath of a God who once favored them?

And why would Zola want Diana to march right back into the eye of the storm?

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Yes, can’t wait to read this book.

  2. man cliff chiang is killing it, that cover is awesome

  3. Oh, oh my! What a gorgeous cover. Man, this is gonna be good.

  4. I’ve been a fan of this character for years and I still can’t believe how much love and attention she is finally getting.

  5. Never read any wonder woman before the relaunch, since I thought the character was kind of boring, but decided to give it a chance with #1. It’s now in my top 5 every month. Both story and art are just perfect.

  6. Agreed. She’s really a great soldier and powerhouse character. I love that she’s this background. Want to see more of this Wonder Woman in the JLA book.

  7. I have never read Wonder Woman before this series and really didn’t know much about the character, but this book has been great. Really like the typical Azzarello slow burn being applied to a mainstream super hero book. Even though last issue was #3, it really felt like the ‘start’ of the series. Seems like Diana is about to return to ‘our’ world and get back to being a badass super hero. Can’t wait!

  8. This make or break month for a whole bunch of books. I need to chop 3 of the new DCU or I’ve been reading (or find substitutes) and the crappy part is there are no bad books just good and great. Going to be tough to choose.

  9. The last issue really hooked. All you have to do is to give me a motley crue or people who hate each other and Azz gave me Diana, Zola, Hermes and Eris walking around together.

  10. This the best Wonder Woman series that I have ever read.

  11. I think the supporting characters are very interesting, and of course the art is perfect for this story.

  12. It’s not often that I’m struck by good coloring, but this is one of those times. Matt Wilson’s colors work so well with Cliff’s art, it’s a happy harmony of awesome.

  13. This and Batman have been battiling it out for POTW everytime these two books drop and right now Batman is winning 2-1 so im intrested in seeing what happens this week.

  14. Another fine book this week, I for one really like what they have been doing in this title! Another title that could win POW for me if it did not come out the same week as Batman and JL and Red Hood!!


  15. Fantastic series. This is the best Wonder Woman book I’ve ever read.

  16. I love that Cliff Chiang is drawing Ares as a Brian Azzarello look-alike:)

  17. This book was the best thing I read this week. I’m a long time Wonder Woman fan, and despite my concerns, this version of Wondie in the new 52 has been the best run – maybe ever – that the character has had. Azz and Chaing forever!

    • That’s cool. I’m a first time WW reader and I’m loving this, I’m glad it’s the same way for people with a history with the character.

      This issue was a 5 for me (one of many 5’s this week), and I think in my top 5 ongoings right now.

  18. Solid, solid book.

  19. Yes! Wonder Woman loves metal music!

  20. This comic is so smartly written, as most of Azz’s stuff is, it just isn’t always accessible. Nice to see this is.

  21. Best of the week. This series is getting better and better. Second place goes to BPRD. Third to Wolverine & the x-men.

  22. I’ve never found it more refreshing to let go of decades of continuity. This title is so focused and lean, in both writing and art.

    It’s easily the finest Azzarello superhero stuff I’ve ever read; truthfully, I like it more than anything else I’ve read of his. And I cannot say enough in further praise of Chiang’s spectacular work here.

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