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  1. Overall this has been a really great arc.  Maybe a touch too long, but a great arc.

  2. @PhantomPhrenemy  I would agree about it being just a smidge too long, but I have enjoyed it.  I am very ready to see what Gail has in store next!


  3. I love the Olympian!

  4. I can’t wait for the HC (presuming they do one.) I’ve loved this story and I want to re-read the whole thing at once.

  5. @Noto:  They’ve done one for all the others since the relaunch, I don’t see why they wouldn’t put this one in HC.  You’ll get your wish!  It’s been a real treat to see Gail Simone humanize and bad-assize Diana, and finally turn WW into a very good book.

  6. @Phantom – Good to know, it also just made me purchase the first volume at IST/DCBS! Thanks!

  7. I cannot believe more people are not pulling this book!!

  8. This is has been one of the very best WW arcs I can remember.  Unfortunatley WW has that stigma attached to it of being cheesy so people wont give it a chance no matter how good it is.

  9. This is the first WW story I’ve picked up.  I know something’s going down with her based on JLA #0…btw, you all should go back and re-read that.  Apparently, she’s going to get knocked up at some point.  In fact, Batman looked a little different in that particular scene.  Could have been foreshadowed.  I thought this would be it, but it’s been entertaining.  I like the thing Gail’s doing with the lasso.

  10. Very good arc. Have really enjoyed all of Gails WW stories, I would agree this arc has run abit long. But there is sooo much going on. Which can be good and bad. As long as Gail is writing Ill be picking this book.

  11. Another awesome issue. This book is never bad.

  12. Mythology of the new Gods of the 5th world???? Is that it??? I’m just 5 years into DC so I’m trying. Don’t be harsh. Its my first arc on Wonder Woman, ever.

    I’ve just read Morisson’s JLA and Simone’s doing what I wanted to read after. But Simone’s more catchy and emotional. It’s like Perfect!

    The Art alone wins it for me. A happy 3$.

  13. i thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It was a great ending to the Olympian arc….

  14. This did not go go where I thought it was going. I, for one, am disappointed. Maby Gail will take this into a great new direction, but it looks like there is just suck on the horizon.

  15. @ gnanniv  What makes you think it will suck?  What didn’t you like about the direction of the arc?  Not judging, just curious cuz I liked it

  16. @zattaric – If you liked it, more power to you. I’m not looking to take away from your fun. My problems with it are as follows; the treatment of the gods was astounding. They were less like deities and more like incompetent bullies. And then we get to the power and strength of Wonder Woman in comparison to the gods. How was she able to kill Ares? If he is a god and she is not, how is he dead? Then she punched Zeus in the face. Ether Wonder Woman is as strong as the gods or the gods are as strong as any supervillain. It just realy undercuts the greek mythology basis of the comic. And Wonder Woman deciding that she is quitting the Amazons is like Peter quitting the apostles. She is an Amazon and if Zeus told her to do somthing she would do it. I think what Zeus did was stupid, but Diana arguing with Zeus goes completely against type. It’s like Superman deciding not to be kryptonian or Batman deciding that his parents death didn’t really matter.

    Rucka’s Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia is more my thing.

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