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• A new story begins as APOLLO makes his play for ZEUS’S throne – and WONDER WOMAN is the last obstacle in his way!

• As ZOLA goes into labor, a hideous secret is revealed!

Story by Brian Azzarello
Art by Cliff Chiang
Cover by Cliff Chiang

Price: $2.99
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  1. Cliff Chiang is back!!

    • Woop Woop! Loving that cover too. I’m glad he has stayed on it so long (even with breaks). I full expected him to jump after the first arc.

    • @har13quin: I think we’re still in the first arc. I liked Tony Akins work, but I’m glad to see Chiang back. I’m starting to lose interest in this book, so hopefully there’s something in the next couple issues to hook me back in.

    • Finally! I was seriously thinking of dropping this but the return of Cliff Chiang is buying it another month.

    • @KenOchalek I agree. Nothing wrong will the fill- in work, but it seems to affect my intrest in the book. As long as Chiang is still drawing it, I’m still buying it.

    • Ching is back. Life is good.

  2. Weird. This is the only one of the New 52 I haven’t lost interest in. Ok still reading Animal Man as well but that one is on life support…

  3. I’ve enjoyed this series but it just feels like I’m kind of getting bored with it. The fill-in artists are passable but the story alone isn’t really quite enough to hook me. Hopefully the new plotlines in this issue will catch my interest again, otherwise I’m going to check out when Chiang leaves this next time out.

  4. I agree that we need to move on with the story, but this is one of the best DC books out there right now.

  5. I’m sorry to hear so many seem to be losing interest in this title. I personally think it’s one of the top 3 books being published by DC right now. I was a big fan of 100 Bullets and I guess Azzarello can’t do wrong by me.

  6. This series has been one of my favorites of the Nu52. Last issue, however, was a disappointment. Diana is okay with marrying Hades, but when he uses her lasso of truth to verify that she loves him, she suddenly has a problem? Really? I buy that Diana loves (platonicly) everybody, even Hades. I even buy that because Diana was shot through the heart with Eros gun that she could even fall in (romantic) love with Hades. But, I have trouble buying that she was in love with Hades but fell out of love with him because he questioned her love. That his actions somehow constituted bondage. Weird. Anyway, I really wish Azzarello had just gone for it and had Diana marry Hades. THAT would have been one for the ages.

    I am glad Apollo is coming back on to the stage. He’s one of the more interesting characters introduced so far.

    • i was of the impression that WW agreed to marry Hell, not only as a bargaining chip to give Z time to escape, but because Eros’ bullets kinda “bound”(age) her to Hell. then when “bound” by the lasso of truth, the reality and irony of the situation came to light or even full circle. thus her weapon enabled her to overcome. beautiful use of metaphor says I. that’s what i got from it.
      i think there’s a lot of complex elements that deserve further inspection by befuddled observers.
      reading Azz can be like reading Morrison. if you don’t stop to look around every once in a while, you might miss important or even trivial plot points. Then people claim that the story is wandering when, in fact, it’s their minds that have wandered.

    • @sitara119: I had not contemplated that the lasso of truth, beyond making Diana speak the truth, might also force her to see the truth of her situation, i.e, by marrying Hades, she would be forever bound to him. Prior to that moment, she was under the effect of Eros’s bullet and was clearly deluded, so the lasso brought her out of it. Interesting!

    • I read it as Wonder Woman truly loves everyone, including Hades. She loves him, not in love with him.

      Great pen-ultimate issue.

  7. I’m starting to get that, “Whoever’s piloting this boat is starting to wander” feeling with this book. I’ll give it one more shot, but I’m getting close to letting it go…

  8. I’m loving the world-building going on in this book. Linking her to the actual gods and less to Paradise Island is working in their favor. I love Hades’ design!

  9. love it. story flow. art switches. overall strangeness. one of the best books being made.

  10. This book is badass.

  11. I could really go for a Cliff Change designed WW pantheon PVC figure set like the Endless collection for Sandman.

    Also when the heck is DC going to make an Action Comics t-shirt superman figure/figurine?? No one wants dumb NU52 Superman brainiacs!

  12. I’m calling it: I reckon Zola will give birth to Zeus.

  13. Daaaamn this was good. Really feels like the series is ramping up.

  14. After last issue’s misfire, this was a friggin triumph. Love this book.

  15. Loved this issue.

  16. Not sure why, Im not digging this as much as I should be. Think I might have to hop off on this one

    • The concept is hot. The dialog not so much. I find myself enamored of Azz’s ideas and concepts, but, I don’t think he knows how to put words in these folks mouth.

  17. This was soooo good. I love the relationship between Strife and Hera, and Chiang’s art is so gorgeous.

  18. This was one of my favorite issues so far. I absolutely love the character designs that Chiang keeps cranking out in this book. Good stuff.

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